Kentucky Sent a Message on the Recruiting Trail

by:Nick Roush11/30/19


Kentucky’s win carried significance in a variety of ways. On the recruiting trail, it was Mark Stoops and Vince Marrow’s opportunity to show players around the state who plays big boy football.

“They had some juice coming in,” Marrow said. “They was telling a lot of our guys — they know I know what they’ve been saying. I couldn’t wait for this game. It was big. You can do a lot of recruiting. You can do a lot of talking. Eventually you gotta play this game.”

When push came to shove, the Wildcats shoved Louisville every which way they wanted in a record-breaking 45-13 win. Kentucky’s commitments reacted accordingly.

John Young is one of the recruits that was in the stands and one of the recruits Vince Marrow and Mark Stoops will visit tomorrow.

“I have to get right on the road,” said Stoops. “My dang staff is killing me. Got me running tomorrow. Of course they want me in-state. So got to get out on the road tomorrow and I’ll be gone all week. Get back Friday. Recruit over the weekend. Leave again Sunday. But that’s what our staff’s doing. They are pushing us.”

Along with the commitments from the city of Louisville, some undecided targets like Octavious Oxendine and Vito Tisdale are likely on the docket. Marrow will also pay a visit to Hutch C.C. in Kansas to see cornerback Ronald Williams, followed by a flight to Knoxville to talk to Tyler Baron. In the middle of it all they’ll try to seal the deal with quarterback Joey Gatewood and attend state championship games in Kentucky and Ohio.

It’s all gas, no brakes for Kentucky’s coaches on the recruiting trail.



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