Kentucky slides in Lunardi's adjusted Bracketology

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


Yesterday, the Selection Committee revealed their top 16 teams for the NCAA Tournament and CBS revealed their updated bracket, which has Kentucky as a seven seed. This morning, Joe Lunardi released his new projections, which have been updated to “incorporate signals from the NCAA Bracket Preview.” After having Kentucky as a five-seed for weeks, Lunardi now has them as an eight-seed in the Midwest Region, playing opening round games in Nashville:

Lunardi has eight SEC teams making it in, the second most from any conference behind the ACC:

  • Auburn (2)
  • Florida (4)
  • Tennessee (4)
  • Alabama (7)
  • Texas A&M (7)
  • Kentucky (8)
  • Missouri (9)
  • Arkansas (10)

Opening round games in Nashville? Yes, please.



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