Kentucky Sports Radio needs to get its vote on.....

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
vote4bobo.jpeg So against all odds, we made it to the Second Round of the Hottest Sports Blogger bracket. Actually it was quite a performance by you guys as we ended up with the highest vote total of any of the candidates and put on a performance that has been noted by the beautiful ladies running the contest. However, like Kentucky in the last two NCAA Tournaments, we are pressed with a difficult second round matchup. We are going up against Will Leitch of the best blog on the internet, Deadspin. Will is not only very funny, but his picture on the website shows that by any objective measure, he is much better looking than I am as well. But that shouldnt stop us!!!! No, even though Will has the power of Deadspin and Gregg Popovich-like handsomeness, we cant give up. If Kentucky Sports Radio can beat Deadspin, then the UK fan nation will have been shown to be even greater than anyone could believe. So click below and place a vote for me and the site. I know many of you are hesitant, due to the whole "picking the hottest guy" part of this, but hold your nose and do it.....the Commonwealth needs you. If we pull this off, free Bill Keightley bobblehead dolls for all!!!! (Oh and do it quick....I am getting slaughtered) Vote for Kentucky Sports Radio

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