Kentucky Sports Radio Saturday Football Extravaganza!!!

by:Matt Jones10/28/06
Every year I spend one Saturday during college football and basketball season blogging an entire day of action....this is that day. We will have a full house here at the KSR Compound ready for action. Insert your own comments below and it can be a fun. 6:09 pm Well that is all for today. Six hours of blogging is enough for any man and considering that Kentucky won, its time to celebrate. Now, most importantly, we still need two challengers for the Hubby White Castle Challenge. IF you are in Lexington, and you would like to participate tonight (Saturday), write me at [email protected]. Lots of prizes and the chance to take on Hubby for pride and all. Thanks for keeping up today....had a ton of visitors and it was great. Click on the facebook fan site if you get a chance and watch for some recruiting news later this weekend. 6:02 pm This is a HUGE WIN for the Cats. Beat Vandy and we go to a bowl....and who knows, maybe we scare Georgia as well. The Georgia players look particularly stupid right now....when you are down 21-7 you may not want to do the fake Gator chomp 5:58 pm CATS WIN!!!! This is why announcers are stupid. Tom Leach insisted that Kentucky couldnt just run out the clock and of course they could. I hate announcers......but I love the CATS!!!! Victory.....Shreveport here we come!!!!! 5:53 pm Mississippi State scored. 34-31.....if UK loses this one.....we recovered the onside kick. Good clock management and we can almost keep them from getting the ball. 5:48 pm What is that thing on Tracy Wolford's face? Let me just say that when you are a female sideline reporter and you have a deer tick on your face, you have to remember that on HD you look really distorted. This is important.....and Miss State is on the two yard line....good gosh. 5:41 pm Can you imagine actually going to a Mississippi State game? If I had to listen to those damn cowbells all day, I would seriously jump off a cliff. The only noisemaker that would be worse is if people would just turn on Bobcat Goldwaith screaming after every positive play. INTERCEPTION KENTUCKY!!!! 5:32 pm --- Florida scores on a fumble of our six team parlay games doing well. Lonas Seiber for a 27 yard field goal.....and he SNEAKS it through.....ten points....very nice. 5:28 pm Alphonso Smith is becoming a star before our very eyes....or ears. Another long run. The offense is showing up big we need to find some defense. 5:23 pm Touchdown Miss State. 31-24 Cats....please dont find a way to lose this. The Intern has just arrived and when he found out about Hubby's White Castle challenge, he got a smile on his face that was similar to the first time he saw the KSR Girls. 5:19 pm --- Another third and long for Mississippi State. If they get this one I may very well throw something....but ultimately I cant get upset because this eating contest for Hubby tonight is getting exciting. And shockingly, another first down on third and long.... 5:12 pm TOUCHDOWN Keenan Burton!!!! This is what we like to hear.....things are looking up.....White Castle Challenge, Cats by 14. Tonight could be a good night.... 5:08 pm INTERCEPTION!!! Nice job by Wesley Woodyard..... 5:05 pm Cats leading 24-17 and we are into the 4th Quarter. Shreveport is on the line and Middlesboro was just mentioned on the radio. This is all very good stuff. Chris Leak just got hurt in the Florida game, which of course means more Tim, run, run. Still need one or two more Hubby White Castle Challenge contenders.... 4:58 pm Kobayashi wins!!!! No surprise. Hubby is now drinking water to get ready for the challenge!!! Seriously, who wants to take him on? Bring it. Prize for the winner, White Castles paid for.....we already have a crowd of onlookers ready. Kentucky 24-17, although the game has taken secondary importance at this point. 4:54 pm Ok the Hubby Challenge is taking form. To the posters who are responding, yes WE WILL PAY for the White Castles. You have to be ready to do it between 7 and 8 tonight. If you are interested, respond on the comments and email me your phone number at [email protected] and we will arrange it. Hubby will take on all comers.... 4:49 pm If there is anything more disgusting than the cups of hamburger dipped water on the stage, I wish someone would tell me what it is.....and no Charlie Weis with his shirt off doesnt count. 4:47 pm The contest is going strong. Kobayashi and Chestnut are going strong. This is the time of teh match when you really find out who the true champions are.... And I like the idea of a Big Blue Biscuit contest.... 4:45 pm --- Cats are leading 21-17 but this game is not holding my interest well. But we have MUCH MORE IMPORTANT NEWS!!! Hubby is issuing a challenge to the Kentucky Sports Radio listeners and readers. Tonight, between 7 and 8, he will challenge ANY READER to a White Castle eating contest in Lexington. Winner gets a prize. Anyone willing to take Hubby on???? 4:40 pm Apparently the Black Widow is the champion of the okra and taco championships. I think Kentucky Sports Radio should sponsor a World Championship of a random food. Any suggestions? Hubby thinks peanut shells..... 4:35 It looks like the entrances in the Eating contest have become sort of WWE-esque. I like the comment about Dale Boone, who when the Turkey Hunter asked how you get in this contest, replied, "apparently you have to kill Daniel Boone and get Tourette's Syndrome. "Humble Bob" is a great nickname....for a vegetarian in a meat eating contest. Miss St kicks a field much less important news. 4:31 pm This is an unbelievable amount of buildup for a hamburger eating contest. Its like the Super Bowl Preview, just longer. Do we have any doctors out there? This cannot be good for these people. Are they doing damage to their bodies? 4:28 pm TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!! Finally something from being in the end zone. Alphonso Smith....the cocky Freshman brings it home. Very nice. 4:24 pm Cats in the Red Zone again. Tried to involve Demario Ford (Where Price sells cars), but Keenan Burton's kickoff return got us in good position. We now have an odd dichotomy here....Hamburger eating contest with Tom Leach commentary. 5 yard Delay of Game GOTTA be kidding me.... 4:20 pm I love this "History of the Krystal"....very informative. If they would do documentaries like this, the History Channel would be much more popular. Unfortunately the game is about to start back, which means I will be depressed again. 4:14 pm They just said one of the contestants is a vegetarian. How is that possible!!! You cannot be in this contest and be a vegetarian. By definition being a vegetarian means you dont eat meat....not just that you dont eat meat unless its for money. And oh by the way, I am glad we are getting an interview with the Krystal "chef". And oh yeah, by the way, no pickle on the burger because it is a "choking hazard." 4:12 pm Automatic Disqualification for "Reversal of Fortune" in the Hamburger Eating Contest. This was not built for Donovan McNabb. 4:05 pm I have to say that when I sat down today to watch football, I didnt think I would be watching an event that would include the tidbit, "of course he is from UT Chattanooga which is where Hugh Beaumont who played Ward Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver went to school." The announcer also just said, "now you have a hint about what competitive eating contests are all about".......let me guess.....eating. 4:03 pm How low on the food chain of sideline reporters are you when you get sent to the Krystal eating contest? I mean I dont expect to see Andrea Kramer in these. I love how the announcer said that "these are the amateurs obviously." Do they want to keep their collegiate eligibility? 4:01 pm Its KRYSTAL HAMBURGERS!!!!!. Can you believe it? This could not be better....Apparently "The Black Widow" is the best "pound for pound" eater in the world. I am happy about this. 3:58 pm --- Third drive of the quarter inside the 50 yard line, Kentucky gets no points. Kicker barely misses the kick, in part because of two straight eight yard losses. What can you say? In better news, the Hamburger Eating Contest begins now on ESPN 2. 3:49 pm FUMBLE!!!! Paul Warford and Braxton Kelly come together to create a fumble in Bulldog territory. Now we gotta convert more red zone settling. By the way, I dont know how many of you have Sirius Satellite Radio, but this morning Bubba the Love Sponge did a live show from the tailgating at the Florida-Georgia game. It was literally the worst radio in the history of radio. And oh yeah, interception after First and Ten on the 12 yeard line......good grief. 3:43 pm Tim Tebow is running the ball again now in the "World's Largest Cocktail Party." I honestly think that the vast majority of defensive coordinators must have the brain cells of a cast member on Laguna Beach. When Tebow is in the game, YOU KNOW he is running....there is no debate. But every coordinator has a look on his face after it happens that expresses shock as if they had never contemplated that could happen. You want to know why smart guys like Bill Belichek and Urban Meyer succeed in football? Because everyone else is an idiot. 3:35 pm --- Mississippi State touchdown after the Tony Dixon fumble....tie game. Why do we even try with Kentucky football? Shreveport, here we dont come.... 3:29 pm Well there you go....they are back in the game. 75 yard touchdown pass. No safety, putting nine men in the box and they burn us over the top. 14-7 Damn. But there are only 30 minutes until the hamburger eating contest. 3:23 pm Cats up 14-0. The Turkey Hunter has arrived and now all the room is arguing about whether Timmy Chang being born in Hawaii makes him not qualify as Asian. Apparently Dat Ngueyn was born in Vietnam and most in the room that gives him many more qualifications as an Asian football player. Ed Oregon looks like he could beat my ass. 3:16 pm --- Dickie Lyons with a touchdown catch that is one of the best in UK history!!! Go DICKIE!!!! 3:10 pm --- Watching the Ole Miss game, Hubby noticed Brent Schaefer make a move and said "good evasion." Gabe thought he said "good Asian" and replied, "there is an Asian football player?" The only one we can think of is Dat Nguyen. Any others? 3:05 pm Cats come out with Curtis Pulley at quarterback and Andre Woodson as a receiver. At least Pulley actually tried a pass this time and did not simply run as has been done on every similar play this season. Woodson to Tamme for a big gain!!! 3:01 pm Mississippi State just got their first conversion of the SEASON on more than 3rd and 11. Has there ever been a worse team than UK at stopping on 3rd and long. Duncan Cavanah said on our show recently that he wished we would just let them have 3rd and 3 or shorter because we are better at stopping those than 3rd and long. 2:59 pm Cats defense hanging in there. You know its the Kentucky Sports Radio compound when it is our "College Football Day" and I cant get Hubby to turn it off of Roller Derby. There actually was a debate a few minutes ago as to whether we should watch football or Quantum Leap with the sound off. I bet this doesnt happen on "Mike and Mike." 2:51 pm UK is driving thanks to what.....Dickie Lyons reception!!! Has there ever been a more money receiver who catches nothing but big passes? And once again, cowbell comments are all that the UK announcers can make. You would think they just found out that Heshimu means warrior. TOUCHDOWN KENTUCKY!!!! Woodson to Burton!!!!! 2:46 pm Ok, this is important. The head announcer for Roller Derby is KENNY RICE of Lexington!!!! Yes I repeat, Kenny Rice who covers the Kentucky Derby, hosts the Kenny and Kenny show and use to be on WTVQ is now calling roller derby....and doing it in a voice that makes it seem like this is the Masters....unbelievable!!! 2:42 pm Well with every football game disappointing us, the remote has found its way to Roller Derby on HDNet. The Tough Cookies are playing the Sirens, and it looks like there is a battle going. Also it seems as if one of the players is Muslim and her name is "Jihad". Mark Cuban is producing some great television here. The captain's name is "Puncharello." She seems to be a good player.... 2:38 pm First Mississippi State possession and we hold them!!! Take that Bulldogs. Sylvester Croom....more like Sylvester DOOM after this game!!!!! And Karl Booker almost let the punt hit him which would have led to a turnover.....poor Karl.... 2:33 pm All the good televsion games are heading to rout mode. Auburn and Notre Dame are about to blow it open.....Penn State just basically won their game. Thus we are stuck with the dud games and listening to Kentucky. Most of our audio comments until after 5 will be UK game-centric. Hope you will be listening too.... 2:25 pm Its almost GAMETIME!!! We have a great setup going right here. Auburn-Ole Miss on the television, UK football on the radio. Everyone in the room is taking Kentucky and we cant wait to hear the soothing sounds of our man Tom Leach, Leach, Leach. Big game....a road trip to Shreveport is on the line.... 2:16 pm For those of you that havent seen, a fan of the show created a Facebook account . It is cool to have such a group and Hubby and the Intern have joined it (I dont do facebook). If you have an account, join can get all the Hubby scoop....something all the ladies want. 2:08 pm Official friend Gabe has arrived and is talking about how we "cant miss the Ole Miss game!!!" There are words you dont hear everyday. Ole Miss is driving for another score. Is there any more disappointing team than Auburn? They are like when you have a girlfriend that is pretty hot but refuses to dress up and always is intent on wearing sweatpants every day of the year.....just lazy. You know she can be great, but she only does it for the big New Years Party....every other day, she disappoints and makes you look bad to your friends....not that this has happened to me of course.... 1:54 pm The Kentucky Sports Radio Compound gets an absurd amount of channels. Right now on Fox Sports Central, Lafayette and Colgate are playing in a game that looks like it is being shot with a handheld camcorder in Northern Vietnam. It looks to be raining hard and yet there are people sitting in the crowd. Why would you do this to yourself? I mean if you like watching mediocre white preppy football players, go to St X-Trinity. I must turn the channel immediately. And oh yeah, if I see this Peyton Manning fake moustache commercial again, I am going to throw Hubby threw a window. 1:47 pm For those of you wondering, Monmouth is beating CCSU 3-0. Monmouth's QB has long dreadlocks. This quite an important development. Can anyone think of any other quarterback in history to have dreadlocks? Discuss..... 1:45 pm Am I the only one who didnt know that UK played at 2:30? I thought it was at 7 tonight. Wow that game really sneaked up on me. But we did get our wagers in for the day. Florida St as a four point favorite, Tennessee as a 3.5 point favorite and the Cats at even money. There are your winners ladies and gentleman. Dave Baker is really ugly looking 1:30 pm Things really got exciting here in the Compound when we found out that the "World Hamburger Eating Contest is on at 4 pm today on ESPN 2. See that my friend is big news. No word on whether Charlie Weis will be able to attend after the Navy game. And could Notre Dame have any more white receivers? I fully expect to turn the game on and see Don Beebe, Wayne Chrebet and Joe Jerevicious dancing in a leprechaun costume the way things are going. 1:20 pm I like how the first four comments on this thread come have been dealt with if someone just had a TV Guide. But thats ok....we do love our readers. If you want real comedy, listen to Hubby try to pronounce the Quarterback for Navy's name. Koueahak-Baneadu. And oh by the way, the Navy coach looks like a Junior Frank Beamer.....except instead of a goiter he just has an unbelievable double chin. 1:10 pm Listening to Mike Gottfried and Pam Ward on the Illinois-Wisconsin game should give hope to anyone that is considering a career in sports broadcasting. I mean if a froggy throat man with limited football knowledge can become an announcer, then so can you. And Mike Gottfried isnt very good either. 12:59 pm You know you are watching the SEC Game of the Week when there is one good team playing one bad team....the bad team makes an early run and one of the Three Daves says "we got a good one brewing here in ____." Makes me feel comfortable to know that is still happening. 12:48 pm After searching through the selection of football games, Hubby and I (the first two members of the crew to arrive) found out that Michigan St is playing Indiana for the "Old Brass Spitoon." Now I have heard of stupid trophies before, but a spitoon? I mean why not the "Old Iron Colostomy Bag?" That would be just as prestigious.... 12:40 pm The default game for us here is Notre Dame-Navy, but I took the time to see what other games are available for us: Penn St at Purdue Illinois at Wisconsin Northwestern at Michigan Central Connecticut State at Monmouth Brown at Penn Northern Illinois at Iowa Auburn at Ole Miss Looks like Central Connecticut State at Monmouth will be the choice.... 12:25 pm We are live from Casa de Hubby for a day of football action!!! You know it is an exciting morning, when we have already seen Charlie Weis' gut, members of the Naval Academy in salute and one of the participants in the day of football has already called and will be late because "my nephew has junk coming out of his ear." Fun day ahead!!!!

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