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Kentucky Sports Radio's Thursday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kelvis.jpeg Normally in this slot, I like to salute someone who is having a birthday or who has had a notable achievement in the last few days. However today is different. Today is an important day for Kentucky Sports Radio as we announce our new joint venture with in our continued quest to make Kentucky Sports Radio the best college website on the internet. Over the past year, the most common comment I have heard from our many fans is that you want there to be some sort of message board that is associated with Kentucky Sports Radio. We are big fans of the blog format and we will keep this as our primary means of communicating all the latest UK scoop to the fans. However we also see the value in message boards and discussion communities and thus we are partnering up with in order to try and give more opportunities to UK fans on a free website. Thus over the next few weeks, you will be seeing some new features on both websites that will integrate the content on the new sites and provide more opportunities for UK fans to get all the info they want on the program. Plus, with the announcement we hope to have in a few weeks, the Kentucky Sports Radio/Wildcat Nation community will continue to be the #1 place to get the best free college sports information on the internet. You will learn more about the new features and possibilities over the next couple of weeks, but know the site that you have grown to like will remain the same, only better. Plus, Kentucky Sports Radio/Wildcat Nation will produce the largest tailgate on the UK parking lots for football games beginning with the UL contest. So get ready, Kentucky Sports Radio (and the Kentucky Sports Radio girls) are coming to you...... To the news..... (1) The big news of the day was actually a rumor from a few weeks ago, now confirmed. "Under the radar big man" (a phrase I am tiring of writing) Garrett Stutz told both Jody Demling and Dave Telep today that he will be visiting UK for Midnight Madness this year. Stutz is close to 7 feet and was described (I am serious) by an individual to me today as "a relatively talented guy who has a lot more skills than you would think he does by looking at him." Stutz had a great summer and got himself on the national radar a bit, but at this point is still being looked at by Kansas St/TCU type schools. But the Cats are interested (no word yet on an offer) and he will be part of the big group developing for Midnight Madness (the same day I get my bar results.....feast or famine folks). Stutz bears watching and we hope to have him on the show early next week. (2) Other big news today was the apology by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer concerning his remarks about the Bluegrass State last week. Well it was sort of an apology. He expresses his apologies for those he may have offended but then reminds us all that we should learn to joke and laugh at ourselves at the same time. I agree with those sympathies Jay, but of course it is one thing for us to laugh at our little oddities (which there are many), it is another thing to be mocked by a condescending outsider. In the story, Glazer mentions that some UK fans told him he "had a perty mouth", which I do think is hilarious, and that many crossed the line with threats....which of course they shouldnt have done. But Jay learned a lesson with this that many already dont mess with Kentucky. Between this blog, TCP and other sites.....we will get the message out. Nice work on the apology Jay, now show up on the show.... (3) Here is a good video of a photo shoot with the two Kentucky Heisman hopefuls: (4) Most have heard by now the news that David Jones had to have emergency surgery and will likely be out 4 weeks or so, possibly leading to a needed redshirt. I am a big fan of Jones's potential, but with the change in position, it was unlikely he would see significant action early. This surgery may force a redshirt, and in the long run be the best thing for all involved. (5) Late word out of Lexington is that WR Steve Johnson, who in my view may be the key to the season, was arrested by Lexington police for resisiting arrest after being pulled over and charged with unpaid traffic fines and not wearing a seatbelt. I am sure more will come on this but this is an odd story to say the least. The Kentucky Sports Radio College Football Pick Em began today and you can learn how to participate by clicking on this post. Sign up as there are real prizes, including cash and UK basketball tickets. More throughout the day.....

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