Kentucky teacher threatened to cut student's penis off during kickball

Kentucky teacher threatened to cut student's penis off during kickball

Drew Franklinover 2 years


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Anderson County is serious about its middle school kickball. In 2017, Chrystal Graham, then a seventh-grade teacher, threatened a student after a kickball game on the last day of school. Graham told the student she would “cut off his penis and shove it down his throat.” She was also accused of flipping off another student (with a double-bird!) and telling some of her students, “On three, kick Durbin’s ass,” referring to another teacher at the school. Graham pleaded not guilty to charges of threatening a male student. She is back in court today. Hot take: I completely get it. We used to have some kickball wars at West Broadway Elementary in Madisonville. I wish my teachers had this kind of spirit when Mr. Harris' class was mercy-ruling us every time a pizza party was on the line. Should a teacher be saying that to a student in the classroom? Absolutely not. But when you're inside the chalk and the kickballs are flying, I think anything goes. I read this as intense coaching and standing up for your team. I'd play for Graham any day. [LEX 18]

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