Kentucky Thrones Radio: Season One Review

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We were warned.  Now Winter is finally here.  Before the War of Fire and Ice, Kentucky Thrones Radio returns to help prepare you for the penultimate season of the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones. Ahead of the July 16 premiere, Nick Roush and T.J. Walker will take you on a journey through the Seven Kingdoms by reviewing the show's six previous seasons.  Each week they'll help you remember the finer details and point out pieces of the plot that could impact the final two seasons of the show.  They start the journey today in Winterfell when Ned Stark warns us for the first time, "Winter is Coming."  Highlights: --  Nick incorrectly shares the show's premiere date. --  What caused the demise of Ned Stark. --  Littlefinger's resemblance to Rick Pitino. --  How Benjen Stark started R + L = J. --  Daenerys' transformation from abused little sister to Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons. --  What if Robb Stark killed Jaime Lannister when he had the chance? Two additional requests: Your feedback is encouraged.  It's a little different than what we normally do during the season; your input (@RoushKSR & @TWalkerRivals) will help us put out the best product possible.  Secondly, if you or you company would like to be a part of the show via sponsorship, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play.  Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

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