Kentucky vs Kent State.....Mac Attack

Kentucky vs Kent State.....Mac Attack

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andrewww.jpeg Now the season gets much more serious. It is time for the first potentially loseable game of the season as the Cats take on the Flashes of Kent State. Everyone and their brother in the state is worried about this game and Kirk Herbstreit just put the Cats on "Upset Alert" it could be nerve-wracking. However sometimes upsets are talked about so much that it wakes up the team and it coincidentally makes the upset less likely. This looks like one of those days. I will be interested in watching these four things: (1) Can the Cats run with the same efficiency they did against Eastern? Along those lines, will the offensive line put up a strong performance against a bigger defensive front? (2) Will the Kentucky defense be able to stop the scampering quarterbacks that they simply could not do last year? (3) Will we see more exotic defensive calls and more pressure on the quarterback or will the team sit back and play vanilla in the same manner as against Eastern? (4) What will be the Cats final tally on special teams? Will the kicking game still be suspect? And most importantly, with the Ville game in the horizon, can they get the return game rolling? These are the questions to me.....what do you think are the answers? I am off to tailgate and watch the game.....use this thread to comment on the questions and chat the game up as it goes on. If you are at the game, come say hey.....its Blue time!

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