Kentucky vs Oprah

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cats You may know that the Cats play Tennessee State tonight. You may also know that the Cats are heavily favored and are sure to make Tennessee State weep in sadness. But you may not know that in so doing, the Cats will be defeating the alma mater of one Oprah Winfrey. Yes, of all the teams UK plays on this year's schedule, none may have a more famous "most famous alumnus" than Tennessee State. Oprah, the queen of talk, magazines and in recent years, life, got her start at the school in the Volunteer state. Oprah left Tennessee State before she graduated, beginning her television and weight fluctuation career at an early age. But Tennessee State knew a good thing when it had it and quickly gave her the degree anyway, making sure to continue to be the recipient of big donations and a cover girl for alumni magazines for years to come. Oprah's legacy on Tennessee State is immense, but her gift for gab doesnt just effect that school. UK players and coaches have felt Oprah's aura as well. Patrick Patterson says his relationship with AJ Stewart is so tight that he considers him to be his "Steadman." Perry Stevenson has used Oprah's weight loss tips to keep him at his current weight of a svelte 119 pounds. Jared Carter credits Oprah for the inspiration behind his new talk show on the Oxygen Network. Few know that the reason DeAndre Liggins was late to the game against Indiana was that he didnt want to leave the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes interview for fear he would miss something good. And dont forget the great day on "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode when she gave Mark Coury bobblehead dolls to the screaming housewives in her studio. Yes, Oprah has touched us all. And as you watch the Cats beat up on her (sort of) alma mater, give an honorary "you go girl" shout at the first made short by Jorts in her honor.

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