Kentucky/Flah-duh Notes

Kentucky/Flah-duh Notes

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gatormeat.jpg All right lads and lassies, it's time to begin the Cats' quest to break their losing streak to the Gators. Maybe I'll try to update this periodically, but I will make no promises because I'm lazy and have the attention span of Joey Lawrence. Notes so far: -Both Hubert Davis and Digger Phelps picked the Gators to win. -ESPN is already feeling the recessionary pressures of the economy as evidenced by Jay Bilas having to pull double duty as a GameDay panel member and do the color commentary. Save money where you can, folks. -Kentucky's first lead since 2004...probably. -Patterson with 4 fouls, Speights with 4 fouls, Ramel with 4 fouls. Certainly could make a difference. -Isn't it nice to have a team that can actually hit free throws? Seems like a long time since that's been Kentucky. -From the looks of things, no Kentucky player has ever had to go up against a press. -Chandler Parsons now in the game for the Gators. I have seen very little of Madisonville guard, Jon Hood, but what I have seen reminds me of Chandler Parsons: unselfish, decent handle, good shooter, versatile. Those that have seen more of Hood, watch Parsons and let me know your thoughts. -Perry Stevenson caught a pass (most importantly) and then utilized the dunk shot and was awarded two points for his efforts. -Cats have withstood Florida's great start out of the gates and now have a 10-6 lead. Patterson is better than Speights in my opinion. -What a putback! When did Perry Stevenson become Kenyon Martin? -Jasper now in the game! He does look a little slow, however. -Jai Lucas is wearing black shoes. Someone should tell him it's not 1993. -Jodie Meeks in the game! Either Gillispie was playing possum with their playing status this week, or he only communicates with the training staff via an 1850 telegraph that works only occasionally. -Traveling called on the inbounds. I have seen that called exactly zero times in my life. Wow, Derick. -I love Jai's dad John Lucas. Great shot of him with a random shout of "Hey!" followed by nothing. He utilized this numerous times at the Nike All-America Camp last year. -I actually kind of like the "Tim Tebow delivering a pep talk to the Gameday Crew". Amazingly, Digger Phelps was not the dorkiest person in the Gameday celebration: That honor belongs to Rece Davis. -How embarrassed will Florida's players be when they realize they all have two strips of duct tape on the back of their jerseys? -So I guess that settles a bet for a lot of people: Mark Coury can, in fact, dunk. -Cats go into the half down 5. Not bad considering the massive field goal drought in the first half. Cats avoid another drought in the second half and a win is certainly possible. -Anybody else think it's unfair that Erin Andrews, a Florida alum, is doing the sideline reporting? See the Dazzlers dancing at half court there, Erin? Does it make you reminisce about your desire for attention and the need to be seen by lots of people? Actually, I guess you don't have to reminisce, Erin -Why are Carolina's fan (and coach) acting like their loss against Maryland today is the equivalent to getting knocked out of the first round of the tournament? Girls crying, Roy almost crying...get a grip Tarheels, your next game is in like 3 days. -Digger just went way out on a limb and predicted that North Carolina would still be a #1 seed. Nice job there, Edgar Cayce. -So Patrick is making me look like an idiot now by my proclaiming that he's better than Speights. By the way, did Patrick attend the Bobby Perry "Get every Shot Under the Basket Blocked" Camp? -Remember what I said about kind of liking the Tebow pep talk thing? Forget it. Don't keep going back to that well, ESPN. -Cats taking advantage of Werner and Speights foul trouble. Now down 5. -Another time out? This game has more interruptions that the McGlaughlin Group. -Calathes' grill looks like Ben Stiller pre-Meet the Parents or Robert Downey, Jr. circa "Back to School". -Meeks to the line for the tie. Got 'em both. Cats have come back from a 12 point deficit. -Huge foul on Werner. #4 on him. Hooray. -I told you in Know Your Enemy yesterday folks: You will hate Nick Calathes for the next few years. -How was a technical not called on Calathes on the Bradley push?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I looking through blue-tinted glasses or was that very blatant? Ramel certainly pushed off on Hodge--not arguing that, but then Calathes comes in and bumps Ramel with his head turned? -How is Nick Calathes not playing at Duke? He fits the mold perfectly. -That was not a charge, but I'll take it. #4 on Speights. Hooray. -How is it that Kentucky can't get the ball to PPat? -4-16 from three and we keep shooting. (Sigh) -Pat's fourth foul. If we lose this game it will be a very frustrating. -Werner picks up #5. Downside? Jasper to shoot a 1 and 1. -Down 5 with 1:56 to go. -Jasper for 3? Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT SHOT! -Mistake in deciding not to foul. Florida isn't exactly lighting it up from the line. Of course they get an easy lay-in. -Florida trying to call a TO, but the refs decide a foul is more beneficial. -Anybody else hoping Lucas hits this second shot just so that they don't get the offensive rebound? -Come on. Get a better shot than that, Joe. -RAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Seriously folks, does "Ramel Mosley" sound OK for the name of my first born? -Heading into UBER-TIME. You pay for four quarters, but you get a little more. -Very important to keep momentum early in the OT. This is likely the first OT for any of Florida's freshmen. -Ramel over 20 points again. Six games in a row. That's really an amazing stat considering the success Kentucky has had since Mashburn. No player during the 1996-98 years accomplished the feat nor did the many UK players playing in the NBA. -Hodge for 3. -At least were getting some extra time with the Florida Dazzlers. Why not throw on the black tights for old times sake, huh, Erin? -I actually prefer this strategy. Foul now and hope Florida misses. Calathes ruins that theory. -Ballgame.

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