Kentucky's defense is legit
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Kentucky's defense is legit

Drew Franklinabout 3 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


If not for Lonnie Johnson's whiff, South Carolina would've only scored one field goal on Kentucky's defense. The Gamecocks' lone touchdown was a gift due to Johnson's mistake. You're welcome, Jake. Last week Mississippi State only scored a touchdown in Lexington. Before that, Florida couldn't put up more than 16 points on the Cats on the Gators' own turf. So let's do the math real quick... I believe that makes 33 total points allowed in three Southeastern Conference games, seven of which weren't even earned. Only 11 points per game against three quality opponents in three wins. How's that for a defense? Now I'm no expert on UK football history, but you'll have to show me a better defense if one exists. I don't think one does. This defense has star power (Josh Allen is unreal) plus depth at every spot plus outstanding coaching plus a swagger we've never seen from the program. They're able to win games when the offense falls flat like it did in the second half tonight by making big time plays to carry the load. This defense is legit and you can't point to one spot that hasn't been playing well so far this year. Benny gets a lot of the love because he's awesome, but this team is undefeated because of the defense. They've been the difference maker and there a lot of fun to watch too. Now where can I buy a Darius West jersey at this hour? [mobile_ad]

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