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Kentucky's "signature artist" is...Fall Out Boy?

[caption id="attachment_152593" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image by Paul Lamere/TheEchoNest Image by Paul Lamere/TheEchoNest[/caption] I'm well aware this is a sports blog, but when I saw this map pop up on Twitter this afternoon, I couldn't help but share. Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company, used Spotify and a range of data services to compare musical preferences for each of the 50 states. From there, he listed each state's "signature artist," or the artist with the most support compared to other regions. What musician do Kentuckians love more than any other state? Fall Out Boy. cal-what Some of the other results aren't as shocking, like George Straight and Texas; Phish and Vermont; or Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey. Who knew the Bluegrass was so emo? [Exploring regional listening preferences]

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