Kentucky's take-over of the NBA draft

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(Getty Images) Basketball nuggets of news have been few and far between over the last several days, but there is something out there on our beloved Wildcats. Andy Katz has an update on the NBA draft projections, confirming what we already knew: Anthony Davis is the clearest clear-cut No. 1 pick there has been in a while. Not that NBA scouts haven’t seen enough of Davis to know, or that enough drool hasn’t been spilled over his game, but the sky is truly the limit for his development.
Kentucky's Anthony Davis is so clearly the No. 1 pick that there isn't even a close second. Davis still doesn't have an agent as he works out with Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne. Davis' father, Anthony, said there is no rush. And every team agrees, saying that all Davis needs at this juncture is for someone to work on marketing deals.
One spot below Davis, the race is a little tighter. But it includes another former Cat fighting for next-best. The draft combines in New Jersey and Minnesota over the next couple of weeks will likely add some separation between these two.
The battle for the second pick is probably between Florida's Bradley Beal and Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist's motor has the personnel buzzing. But Beal's physical stature and his ability to make shots mean he's ready to contribute.
The rest of the Cats up for the draft were mentioned by Katz too, and he hinted that Marquis Teague might work his way into the first round after all, simply out of other team’s desperation.
Kentucky's Marquis Teague will climb when teams realize the need for a point guard. Teammates Doron Lamb and Darius Miller will have to work their way into a solid position in the first round.
He mentioned Terrence Jones as a name that “NBA personnel can’t agree on.” Read the full article here and see what Katz has to say about all the top draft picks.

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