Kentucky's Week 5 Depth Chart: Florida Game Edition

Kentucky's Week 5 Depth Chart: Florida Game Edition

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(Photo: Dr. Michael Huang/Kentucky Sports Radio)

Kentucky Football’s Week 5 depth chart is now online for anyone interested in the two-deep rotation for the upcoming Florida game.

Mark Stoops revealed this week’s new Week 5 depth chart Monday morning with little change from a week ago. Roster moves of note include Octavious Oxendine moving up at defensive tackle for his first career start and Chauncey Magwood replacing Rahsaan Lewis behind Wan’Dale Robinson at wide receiver.

Kentucky’s Week 5 Depth Chart



  1. Will Levis
  2. Beau Allen

Running Back

  1. Chris Rodriguez
  2. Kavosiey Smoke

Wide Receiver (X)

  1. Josh Ali
  2. Tae Tae Crumes

Wide Receiver (Z)

  1. Isaiah Epps
  2. DeMarcus Harris

Wide Receiver (F)

  1. Wan’Dale Robinson
  2. Chauncey Magwood

Tight End

  1. Justin Rigg
  2. Brenden Bates
  3. Izayah Cummings

Left Tackle

  1. Dare Rosenthal
  2. Deondre Buford

Left Guard

  1. Kenneth Horsey
  2. Austin Dotson


  1. Luke Fortner
  2. Quintin Wilson

Right Guard

  1. Eli Cox
  2. Jager Burton

Right Tackle

  1. Darian Kinnard
  2. Jeremy Flax


Jack Linebacker

  1. Jordan Wright
  2. J.J. Weaver

Defensive End

  1. Josh Paschal
  2. Tre’vonn Rybka

Nose Guard

  1. Marquan McCall
  2. Josiah Hayes
  3. Justin Rogers

Defensive Tackle

  1. Octavious Oxendine
  2. Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald
  3. Kahlil Saunders

Middle Linebacker

  1. Jacquez Jones
  2. Trevin Wallace

Weakside Linebacker

  1. DeAndre Square
  2. Jared Casey OR Martez Thrower

Nickel/Sam Linebacker

  1. Davonte Robinson
  2. Marquez Bembry


  1. Cedrick Dort
  2. Quandre Mosely


  1. Carrington Valentine
  2. Quandre Mosely

Strong Safety

  1. Tyrell Ajian
  2. Jalen Geiger

Free Safety

  1. Yusuf Corker
  2. Taj Dodson
  3. Moses Douglass



  1. Matt Ruffolo
  2. Chance Poore


  1. Wilson Berry OR Colin Goodfellow

Punt Returner

  1. Wan’Dale Robinson OR Josh Ali

Kick Returner

  1. Zach Johnson
  2. Wan’Dale Robinson

Long Snapper

  1. Cade Degraw
  2. Clay Perry


  1. Chance Poore
  2. Colin Goodfellow

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