Kick MASON COUNTY out of the State!!!

by:Matt Jones09/20/06
See that courthouse is the Mason County Courthouse and if I were governor of the state of the Kentucky, it would be the site of a host of future trials for treason for most of the public officials in Mason County. For those of you who havent heard yet, Mason County and the city of Maysville rolled out the read carpet for Bruce Pearl yesterday, and among the many festivities, the county made him an official Kentucky Colonel. Apparently the county, happy with the work he has done with Chris Lofton held a rally for the Tennessee coach and at the rally, Representative Mike Denham (who I dont know from adam, but will make it this blog's goal to see him voted out of office) presented Pearl with the honor at a ceremony. Take a look at this picture for a second: How is that for Kentucky pride? Thats it folks in Mason least the ones responsible for this, I am through with you. I have been sympathetic as you have chirped on and on about how Kentucky should have taken Lofton....blah blah blah. But this has crossed the line. Making sweaty, stinky Bruce Pearl a Kentucky Colonel and giving him the keys to the city? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! What has Bruce Pearl ever done? NEWSFLASH.....Pearl did not recruit Lofton, Buzz Peterson did.....where is his key to the city? (and can he bring his hot wife with him to the city?) Look we all know why Pearl went to Mason County....he wants Darius Miller....and we also know how shady Pearl is by visiting Miller's cousin who is a senior (and who he has no interest in) so as to get in another attempt at Darius. But there is no excuse for the Mason County folks to act this ridiculous. I mean does the city of Green Bay name a street after Ditka? Does the mayor of Boston hand over a key to Don Mattingly? Will the Republican National Committee create a Nancy Pelosi award? NO!!! They are rivals....rivals dont salute other rivals with official awards.....grudging respect, the case of Pearl, a lifetime supply of deodorant....I can take it. But the key to the city and a Kentucky Colonel???? Mason County you are officially as dead as the dodo to me. Even though you have produced two of the Kentucky Sports Radio hosts, my hard earned dollars will never grace any fast food restaurant or gas station I pass through on my way to other locales.....TAKE THAT!

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