Kids, this is not how you do PR

Kids, this is not how you do PR

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
For the past few weeks, a mild fire has raged in the city of Louisville over the decision made by UK's 2011 recruits to play in the Jordan Brand Classic intead of the Derby City Festival Classic.  The man with the lighter is Dan Owens, the recruiting chair for the event, who feels like they're givin a giant middle finger to the game and not showing any loyalty to their soon-to-be-home state.  It now appears that Owens has kicked it up to a William Sherman-like level of flaming destruction.  In an email sent to UK officials, Rick Bozich and Jerry Tipton, Owens took shots at Calipari for not convincing the players to attend the event, made some "Worldwide Wes" insinuations and then said the absolute dumbest thing he possibly could have said. Dan Owens, your thoughts on Michael Jordan?

"He plays golf, gambles and butchers the King's English."

Oh man. While Owen's passion for the event is admirable and there was an apology email that was later sent, the continued bickering is bordering on insanity and is only serving to make the event look petty and small-time.  Did he expect Anthony Davis to say, "You know, he's right.  Michael Jordan does play golf.  I'm going to Louisville."?  Does he think that taking shots at the speaking abilities of the greatest player in the history of the game are going to score him points?  More importantly, is he thinking at all?  I'm assuming not.  Mr. Owens, please just let it go.  Nothing is going to change and you just look foolish, which is a shame because most people seem to agree that you're a great guy.  Maybe you should just channel that passion for the event and quest for UK patrons into publicizing the three possible UK players - Braeden Anderson, Trevor Lacey and DeAndre Daniels - who will be in the game.  That might actually work.  You should know that Anderson talks Canadian, though. C-J story here

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