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king_tut.jpeg Today is the birthday of one Howard Carter....but of course you knew that. I mean Howard Carter is a household name across this wonderful country so we all celebrate the birthday of the man who found the tomb of King Tut. That discovery, one of the more celebrated in the modern world is part of the current pop culture landscape, in part, due to the wonderful performance of Steve Martin in his famous "King Tut" monologue on the show. The Martin sketch, one of the most famous in SNL history, is part of a long string of Martin gems on the show, including the famous "Two Wild and Crazy Guys" sketches that are still imitated at every golf club in America. But most people forget that Martin was never actually a cast member of the show, but was actually just a frequent guest host and contributor. And that leads me to my question for discussion. Which SNL guest hosts and contributors have the greatest legacy? Besides Martin, guys like Alec Baldwin and John Goodman come to mind, but who else enters your mind.....not just best host for an episode, but for a longer run. Sounds like a good topic for the next Tomlin appearance. To the news.... (1) At the bottom of this post, you will see links to an hour of the Sports Mob that included interviews with two big UK recruits. One of those was of course Beas Hamga who provided one of the more bizarre interviews in our short time doing this. Hamga's answers to questions were a bit tough to decipher, in large part due to the fact that the translation from Bell County to Cameroon can be quite difficult at times. Through the course of Hamga's talk, we heard him say that he was looking at UK, IU, UNLV and New Mexico, but he mentioned that he was looking forward to his trip to Lexington. As Marc Maggard pointed out on the show, Beas really hasnt had a chance to talk in depth with the coaches at UK, something that will happen more when he visits campus. Hamga is an athletic big man that UK could desperately use. All signs still point to UK with a big lead on this one.....but we will know much more early next week. And by the way, those who use Facebook tell me that Beas Hamga joined a group entitled "Class of 2011 at University of Kentucky".....certainly not a bad sign. (2) Also on the show and interviewed in part 2 below was Tyler Zeller who visited UK on Monday. Zeller is a big man from Indiana who continues to rocket up the rankings, to the top 20 in the latest Rivals poll. Zeller said that he loved his visit to UK and was really impressed by the facilities and Coach Gillispie. He was taken not only to basketball facilities but (in a smart move) also to the Engineering school, which may be his major. Zeller told us that he is down to nine schools and he plans to narrow it to 5 by the end of the summer before beginning official visits. It will be a long road before Zeller becomes a top UK target, but the Indiana native likes the Cats and it is likely that UK will be in the running for him throughout. (3) Patrick Patterson announced today that he will have a press conference on Wednesday of next week in order to give his choice. He also confirmed what we all heard yesterday that UK, Duke and Florida are the final three. The Patterson recruitment is a rarity in that all three schools have a legitimate shot.....something you never really see. Everyone I speak to tells me different things......I hear Florida from the Florida guys, UK from the North Carolina guys and Duke from the national guys.....and UK folks have no clue what he will do. It will be a bizarre finish and I honestly think any can get Patterson. We will have one last time (for old times sake) on the show at the end of the get ready to read the tea leaves again...... (4) If you scroll below, you can see more about the hiring of Chris Walker for the staff at UK. While we good naturedly are laughing at the videos he made while at Texas A&M (which are internet legends almost as big as "Lazy Tuesday"), Walker is a good addition to the staff. From the folks at UK, it seems that Walker is the "internet guru" of the group and is savvy on using the computer to help recruiting. I think, if true, that this is a GREAT addition to the staff. The internet should be used by all coaches as important info on top recruits is put out everyday.....if Walker plays that role, it is yet another good decision by the folks with Billy Clyde. (5) I want to thank everyone for the support you have shown this site and me personally throughout today. WE had a number of great comments and the emails you sent were very nice and we are greatful for them. We hope to continue to bring you the best site we can for the thing we all affinity for UK sports. We have lots of exciting things coming....including Marc Maggard bringing AAU coverage like never before, new innovative uses of our audio streaming and potential streaming video that you will enjoy. We will keep trying to push the envelope here under the belief that a rising tide raises all boats. And hey if nothing else....Woo radio is good. Tomorrow we have DeAndre Liggins at 5:30, Woo radio at 5, and more throughout the day. Below is the 6 oclock hour of yesterday's show including Beas Hamga, Tyler Zeller and more randomness. Hope you have a great day..... Part 1 with Beas Hamga Part 2 with Tyler Zeller

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