Know Your Enemy: Georgia Bulldogs Basketball
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Know Your Enemy: Georgia Bulldogs Basketball

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Article written by:MosKnowsMosKnows
georgia_logo.jpg "Hello?" "Hello Mr. Mosley, my name is Joel Rifkin with the Gallup Organization and we are conducting a poll concerning the upcoming Presidential Election and I would like to know if you'd be willing to participate?" "Would I?!!!!!!!! Of course. What do I have to do? Should I send you a check? Who do I make it out to?" "Sir, no, you don't have to send us any money, I just would like to ask who you would vote for in the Democratic Primary?" "Uh, is Lyndon LaRouche still around? I always liked the cut of his jib. I'll vote for LaRouche...or Muskie how 'bout Muskie?" "No sir, neither of those gentlemen are running...or alive." "OH! I know, I want to vote for that one dude that's got white hair." "I think you're thinking about the Republicans." "Whatever. All I know is I likes who I likes and I like that white-haired dude that's really funny." "John McCain?" "No, this guy's in the Navy." "Sir, I think you're talking about John McCain." "No I'm not. You know he's got the short arms and all and has the funny voice..." "Sir, I really think you're talking about John McCain." "...and he's always carrying a spoon and wearing a big, blue hat." "...Sir...are you talking about Cap'n Crunch?" "THANK YOU! Yes. Is he running?" "No, sir he's a fict-..." "Cause military experience is very important in my opinion. Write that down." "That's not how this works." "Are we about finished? I want some cereal now. If I contribute to his campaign, will I get some cereal?" "I-I don't know. Thanks for your time." "No problem. That's why I'm a patriot." Oh, sorry about that. That was just the office calling asking about stocks and bonds and the like. Anyway, it's seems like a fortnight has passed since the Cats last played, but they head down to Athens this weekend riding a 2 (count 'em, 2) game win streak behind the strong play of Rameltrick Bradterson and newfound force of nature, Perry Stevenson. The South Carolina game was a nice win for this team as they were able to overcome a second half deficit and win without Joe Crawford and despite what, early in the second half, appeared to be a patented "have the game of your life against UK this year" event for Downey and Frederick (see Vaden, Robert and Varnado, Jarvis for further details). Joe appears unlikely to play this Saturday, so it will be up to Ramel to stop Litterial Green and Alec Kessler and return to Lexington with a win. Know Your Enemy begins...NOW! muskie22july2007.jpg That Ed Muskie sure was a keeper Location Although I grew up thinking that Georgia was an American state situated in the southeast United States, my research indicates that Georgia is actually a former Soviet satellite and is now a, “Eurasian country in the Caucasus located at the east coast of the Black Sea.” Georgia is bordered by both Turkey and Russia and is a member of the UN and the WTO. Furthermore, Georgia counts both Josef Stalin and maconvol_fan as prominent sons. stalin_victory.jpg Notable Alumni Some fun and useful persons on this list include: Kim Basinger, Bill Goldberg, Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld), and every member of REM. Despite the goodwill derived from producing the people on the above list, UGA has also unleashed a blight on humanity in the form of one Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest (that isn't a stage name) was born and raised in the state of Georgia and received a fair amount of his media "training" while majoring in journalism at UGA. Ryan would cut his teeth on local radio shows and appears to have gotten television experience as the host of a number of crappy game shows. His big break came when he was chosen to co-host the first season of American Idol along with Brian Dunkelman. After stabbing Dunkelman in the back, Seacrest became the show's lone host and preceded to become the most ubiquitous person on the planet. Seacrest can be seen and heard as the host of a weekly pop music countdown, on something for E! News, probably something else on Extra or ET or Access Hollywood or Mr. Belvedere (Broktune), and, of course, hitting on girls both younger and taller than him as the host of American Idol. Ryan Seacrest is why the rest of the world doesn't like the United States. seacrest.jpg ...and I'll tell you who's the most worthless person in the world is...right after the break. Cheerleader Scouting Report The picture below is about as clear as the Zapruder film, so it makes it difficult to gauge exactly what the Georgia cheerleaders are working with. About the only conclusion we can draw is that the gal seated fifth from the left is in desperate need of a spray-on tan. Why spray-on? Because if she were to climb into a tanning bed, she would explode into flames. bothsquads2007.jpg Basketball History Georgia actually has had surprisingly very little basketball success. The program has been around since 1905, but they only made their first NCAA tournament appearance in 1983 fulfilling Coach Stegeman's 78-year improvement plan (having I used that joke before? It wasn't good then, either). Surprisingly, that 1983 team not only made the Final Four, but did so the year following the departure of Dominique Wilkins to the NBA. 'Nique is by far the most recognizable former Bulldog, though his nephew Damien eventually found his way to Athens before catching on with the Seattle Supersonics (always Supersonics in my heart). Another tidbit you probably didn't know: One coach has held the head position at both Kentucky and Georgia (though not at the same time, that's not legal). Can you name him? I'll just go ahead and tell you because it's a hard one. Turns out it was Tubby Smith. I can't remember much about Tubby's tenure here, so I thought I would just open it up and let everyone discuss:the 1998 Championship team, whether this year is Tubby's fault, how he got the nickname "Tubby", and why Tomlin, "smells like what I think Pierce Brosnan smells like". Players Year after year I make fun of Dave Bliss and his only response is to make his head even more square. Bliss actually played for the aforementioned 1983 team and has sought to make a living out only playing collegiate basketball for Georgia. Honestly, I think he was recruited by Ron Jirsa. WOULD YOU GRADUATE ALREADY? Bliss is slow-moving and not especially athletic and when I first saw him start a game his freshman year, I thought that "whatever team starts this guy, might be one of the worst teams in SEC history". Bliss had no fluidity to his game and therefore everything he did looked painful to a stellar athlete/astronaut such as myself. He also looked to constantly be sporting a grown-out buzzcut that was forever in need of a good 3-guard to tidy things up. However, over the last dozen years, Bliss has not only found a niche (banger who isn't afraid to get dirty--poor choice of words), but has, at times, excelled in his role of garbageman. In the absence of Joey Waldrop (my favorite non-UK SEC Player ever), Bliss has filled in admirably as the goofy Georgia player at whom I hurl insults. I will actually miss you when you graduate Davey, and I hope you do well in all games except against the Wildcats. dave-bliss.jpg SpongeDave Squarehead waldrop.jpg This really is Joey Waldrop in an adapted version of "Henry IV" where he starred as "The Douglas" and was also the fight choreographer. You have to go to his website immediately. It is the greatest thing in the history of time. I might not write a KYE next week, because I will be busy exploring the Waldrop website and checking flights to go see Waldrop master "the craft". Airtight Predictions Smoove good, PPat good, Purry good, Jasper's knee brace good. Coury again starts, sets the pace, then drops out of the race at about the 17:00 mark leaving the finish line for the others. Dusty Mills will tell a joke about a blonde woman refusing to cook with Old Spice because she wanted something fresher and A.J. Stewart will giggle. Sundiata Gaines will continue to have a name that I'm not sure whether I love or find ridiculous (maybe both). Joey Waldrop will be the halftime entertainment performing a stirring monologue from "Our Town" and the Cats will win by 50. I think the Dawgs will keep it that close because the game's in Athens. Summary In baseball, when a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter, no one on the team bothers the pitcher, speaks to him, or even acknowledges that a no-hitter could occur. Having said that, we all know what the end goal of this team could be, but it's going to require some doing. Therefore, we choose not to tempt fate and "take 'em one game at a time". Next up, the Bulldogs of Georgia. Following them? We'll burn that bridge when we get there (All of that was a thinly veiled reference to "let's not get ahead of ourselves and project what it will take to make the Tournament just yet". Enjoy the current string of success). Let's hope the Cats can finally get their first road victory of the year (did I get that right this time?) and continue getting healthy. Go Cats.

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