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Kristen Wiig is awesome for many reasons, but the one I may appreciate her most for is "Bridesmaids." Not only is it hilarious, but in our household, "Bridesmaids" is the rare "chick flick" that Mr. TT doesn't immediately ask me to change the channel from. In fact, most of the guys I've asked think it's a pretty funny movie. Why? I think Kristen Wiig's humor (evident both in her acting and the screenplay, which she co-wrote) appeals to both sexes. "Bridesmaids" proves that women can do crude and rude humor too, something which Wiig wasn't afraid to push to the limits on with the infamous bridal shop scene (no spoilers here, you have to see it to believe it). She's one of the few female actresses that can pull off physical comedy without it looking forced, thanks in large part to her complete lack of inhibitions. Even though she's got her reasons, I hate that Wiig left Saturday Night Live. She kept that show going in some pretty dismal times. I didn't like all of her characters, but the good mostly outweighed the bad. My favorites, in no particular order: the crazy Target lady, Penelope the one upper, Bjork, and Kathie Lee Gifford. Their brilliance is almost enough to make me forget about Gilly. Almost. Happy birthday, Kristen. I hope you get some arm floaties, fuzzy handcuffs, and a visit from Jon Hamm: News & Views time. --- Some new numbers came out regarding UK football's season ticket sales, and well, they ain't good. With 17 days left til the home opener, 37,154 season tickets have been sold, down 9,751 from this time last year and 14,660 fewer than 2009. Even worse? Only 2,447 student season ticket packages have been sold, down 3,433 from last season, a whopping 58-percent drop. Oy. The much-ballyhooed mini-packs have seen moderate success, with 559 sold since they went on sale on July 20. At this point, the only thing that can boost ticket sales is a win over Louisville. Go Cats. --- In good ticket sales news, UK announced that Midnight Madness tickets will be distributed on Saturday, September 22nd at 7:00 am at the Memorial Coliseum ticket windows on Euclid Avenue and online at and You can start lining up for tickets at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 19th. As always, tickets are free (except for the service fee if you get them online), and there is a limit of four per person. Control cards will be handed out to those in line on Friday, September 21st, beginning at 2:00 p.m. If you want a free sausage biscuit from Nerlens Noel, I'd go get your tent now before pickings get slim at the Nicholasville Road Wal-Mart. --- ANDREW WIGGINS NEWS! Kind of. In an interview with North Pole Hoops, Nick Wiggins, Andrew's older brother, said he would "love to see him go to Kentucky." We've yet to learn if Andrew will reclassify, but according to his brother, a freshman at Wichita State, he's ready. Big brother knows best, Andrew... --- After a clean MRI but continued swelling, Josh Clemons got his knee scoped on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the scope showed some "loose stuff" that will need to be "cleaned up," which means Clemons will most likely have to undergo another procedure. With the Louisville game only eleven days away, Phillips says there is no timetable for Clemons' return (the scoping procedure alone requires a ten-day healing period). Cross your fingers for the talented running back, who hopefully won't have to consider redshirting his sophomore year. --- Sounds like a mission for that deep running back corps we keep hearing about. After sitting out a few practices due to a mild knee sprain, Joker said he expects "Le Freak" Coshik Williams to return to practice on Thursday. Williams is reportedly "neck to neck" with Raymond Sanders for the starting spot, with Johnathan George right behind, and freshmen Dyshawn Mobley and Justin Taylor continuing to turn heads. --- Joker knows who his starting punter is, but he's not telling. Joker did say that the punting game is much improved from last season, with whomever the starter kicking it both high and in the right direction. Watch out, Cards! --- A break for site biz: Don't forget to send me your questions for Wednesday's #ksrmailbag via tweet or email. --- Oh hey, Karl Towns posted a picture of himself and Anthony Davis on Instagram: Looking good, big fellas. Don't mind me. Keep talking about Cal...please. --- Speaking of Davis, he told Sports Illustrated's Maggie Gray that LeBron James and his Team USA teammates had two bits of advice for him for surviving life in the NBA: watch your money, and watch out for women. Also, never wear a t-shirt and shorts to a team dinner again. You know who always dresses nicely for dinner? Lukask Obrzut, aka WOO, who will be in studio on Wednesday to talk about the Cats, life, and gummy bears. Don't miss it.

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