KSR Asks: What Scares You Most?

Chris Tomlinalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin
  Oh, hello, friends. I didn’t see you sneak up behind me there. But I guess this is the season for that kind of thing, isn’t it, being Halloween and all? You certainly gave me a startle. I like your costume; I’ve never seen a “Sexy Eddie Sutton” costume, but you pull it off well, if a little unsettlingly. Friends, I don’t need to tell you that the season of the witch is nigh upon us as that most spooky of holidays is on our doorstep this weekend. I’ve no doubt you’re all ready for the celebrations: the egging of homes, the toilet-papering of shrubbery, the mess you’ll drunkenly make all over your very low-budget Batman costume. It’s always a fun holiday. That’s why I reached out this past week to some of our favorite personalities to find out what scares them the most. We’ve included some of those responses below in a piece we’ll call What Scares You the Most: Celebrity Edition. And as always I hope you’ll enjoy, be careful this weekend, and have a great Halloween. -------- Orlando Antigua: “Ever since I was a kid, snakes have always scared me.” Mitch Barnhart: “I’ve always been afraid of spiders.” John Wall: “Scary Clowns.” Joker Phillips: “The red zone.” Seth Davis: “That Coach K doesn’t like me back.” Billy Gillispie: “When the lights come up at the bar..” Kyle Wiltjer, Willie Cauley-Stein and Jarrod Polson: “That we won’t find the pirate treasure in time to save our homes.” Eli Capilouto: “I find loud noises startling. Also, the carefree happiness of youth and the laughter of young people.” The Foot Stabber: “That someone will invent stab-proof shoes.” Tom Crean: "That my wife will figure out my Twitter password." Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, University of Tennessee: “When a piece of rubber tubing is simply too large to fit into your butt.” Jim Calhoun: "That those meddling kids will foil my plan to scare everyone away from the abandoned amusement park." Bobby Knight: “I’m often frightened by the three ghosts who visit me each Christmas to teach me lessons about my life.” Kevin Stallings: “Finding out that I’m too late and Arby’s has closed.” ----- Any you'd like to add? Feel free below. See you next week.

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