KSR Fans Of The Day Want Afternoon Notes

KSR Fans Of The Day Want Afternoon Notes

Will Lentzover 10 years


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-Wyoming News has an article out today that discusses yet another coaching move from the Billy Gillispie experiment.  Jeremy Cox – blog favorite – is apparently doing his darndest to get hired as Wyoming’s head coach.  Cox is currently an assistant at South Florida and we wish him luck as he tries to make the jump back into a head coaching position.

-Most of the talk the past day has centered around the rematch of last years Elite Eight game – and Calipari’s putrid record against Huggins coached teams.  I don’t need to tell you all that the teams this year are in two very different places.  From the Kentucky end it’s obvious, with only Miller getting any reliable minutes on last years team.  But the Mountaineers aren’t the same either, making do with back up Joe Mazzula as a starter and without super star Da’Sean Butler.  WVU holds a close win over Vanderbilt and Louisville, as well as a loss to the Cards coming into the game as the only shared opponents.

-Naturally, the discussion turns to Brandon Knight.  Was yesterday a trend on an aberration?  Personally, had that last shot not gone in and Kentucky still won, I’d imagine we would be looking at a semi-deflated Brandon going into this game.  But not only did his last second basket secure the win for the Wildcats, it had to wipe the rest of Knight’s poor offensive performance out of his mind, which is great.  Brandon is a great player, and all great players have bad games.  Fortunately his came against a lesser opponent like Princeton, and we hope he can turn it around for tomorrows match up against WVU.

-Looking at the conference records so far in the NCAA tournament tells us pretty much what we would expect.  The Big East has more wins than any other conference, but also more losses (they had 6 games to draw from, after all.)  Most of the major conferences are sitting around .500, but the surprise to me has been the A-10 who has two wins and no losses.  We’ll know more about each of these after today’s games, though.

-Finally, check out the radio show this morning – you won’t regret it.  If there ever was a time to listen, it’s the one when Matt can be giddy about a Cards loss to Morehead and a Cats win over an Ivy League.

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