KSR Gone Wild!

Will Lentzalmost 12 years


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This will be me at the bar tonight and Sunday night.  Ladies, watch out.

As any KSR fan worth their weight in promised-yet-undelivered T-Shirts knows, this weekend Matt, and Drew, and I will be leaving our own stamp of family friendly depravity on the city that birthed both former Vice President of America Al Gore and current President of the BTI fan club Megan Fox.  So, seeing as how I got a nifty new flip video camera from Santa this year, I want to bring you faithful readers along with us.  I cannot promise this video will be good.  I cannot promise that it will be funny.  But I can promise that it will include both Drew’s eyebrows and Matt’s hair, and by golly, if that’s not enough for you, then you don’t have to watch.

So let’s hear it KSR faithful, what do you want to see us do this weekend?  If you have any awesome suggestions, they may make their way into the video. And please, nothing that will end our nights in jail, Drew’s going to have that taken care of on his own.

Go Cats!

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