KSR Halloween Picture Contest: Part III

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hallo22 The "Saved by the Bell" crew tells us that these are the final set of pictures from the KSR Halloween picture contest. As you know, we are giving away tickets to a UK home game to the winners and crowning a victor in both the attractive and funny categories. We will announce the winners on Thursday, but for now click on the "more" button and enjoy the pictures below. The White Trash look works well for this young man: hallo23 The Chilean Miner who happened to have an iPhone: hallo24 Facebook has now become as big as a real estate superstar: mlane Hangover guy with a little bit of gender-bending sass: hallo25 One of the many Ricky P and Sypher baby costumes from Halloween: hallo27 A hodge-podge of random good costumes: hallo29 This is the exact pose KSR gets in for our Christmas Card photo: cats2 The Hooters in Somerset, Kentucky needs to examine their hiring practices: hallo30 NWO 4 LIFE: hallo32

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