KSR and On3: What You Need to Know

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The cat is out of the bag. Kentucky Sports Radio is joining On3 as the network’s first fan site, a move a long time in the making. After sitting on this news for what feels like an eternity, we are thrilled to finally talk about it. KSR is nothing without our readers, so I understand there must be questions; as Editor-in-Chief, I’m going to do my best to answer them.

Okay, what is On3?

If you don’t follow social media, you might not know, but On3 is a new college sports and recruiting digital media company featuring the most talented and experienced newsbreakers and storytellers in sports media. What sets On3 apart from other outlets is that, in addition to all of that, it is partnering with iconic fan publications — like KSR — to give fans a voice, and utilizes a next-gen database to track players from high school to the draft. On3 is run by Shannon Terry and the same people who founded Rivals.com and 247Sports.com, so they know what they’re doing.

Why is KSR joining On3?

I’ll be honest, when On3’s proposal was first presented to me, I wondered the same thing. KSR made its name off being an independent outlet, one that was totally unique in sports media; however, upon meeting with Shannon, it was very clear that our identity is a huge reason of why On3 reached out to us first. KSR, like University of Kentucky athletics, has a very passionate and loyal following, and in all of our talks, making sure our mission — bringing you UK sports and recruiting news in the most ridiculous manner possible — stayed true was paramount.

As someone whose dreams of writing about UK sports for a living were realized thanks to KSR, I can say with full confidence that our partnership with On3 will only enhance our coverage. As we’ve worked together to make this happen, I’m seeing more and more that it’s a massive upgrade.

What’s going to change?

In terms of content, nothing. Our talented staff will still be here every day, providing you with the latest on the Cats, stories from across the state of Kentucky, Fans of the Day pictures, podcasts, videos, etc.; in fact, with On3’s resources and expertise, the KSR you know and love will be even better, starting with…

A much-improved user experience: Hate the site as it is? Well, you’re in luck because it’s about to get a whole lot better. Once the new site goes live, readers will enjoy significantly fewer ads and a faster load time.

Access to national talent: On3 has hired some of the most talented reporters in the industry including Ivan Maisel, Chad Simmons, Matt Zenitz, and many others. This staff will be a huge resource for us in providing a national perspective of the Cats.

The best recruiting database in the industry: The On3 team is building the best recruiting database the industry has ever seen. On3db will give users access to the most comprehensive collection of player scouting reports, recruiting insights and draft analysis found anywhere. It launches this fall.

Wait, does this mean you will start charging for content?

No. KSR’s content, including articles, podcasts, and videos, will remain 100% free. On3’s national website will include a limited amount of content that will require a subscription, but that is separate from KSR.

What about the KSR podcast network?

All of KSR’s podcasts will still be available for your listening pleasure, free of charge.

Will we still be able to comment on posts?

Yup. Unfortunately. (KIDDING. Love you…sometimes. Please behave.)

Will there be message boards? 

No. We will not have forums, but you can continue to comment on posts.

When does the new site debut?

Soon. It is so beautiful and clean. I can’t wait for you to see it.

What about the KSR app?

Our mobile app will stay the same, but with new resources at our fingertips, we’re planning on making improvements over the next year. Stay tuned!

Does this impact KSR the radio show?

No. KSR the website’s partnership with On3 is not related to KSR the radio show.

Is Matt Jones still involved?

Absolutely. As the founder of KSR, Matt will still be involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure the site remains the Big Blue Nation’s one-stop shop for UK sports news. He’s even planning on dusting off the old keyboard and writing more.

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?

[email protected]. See, we’ve even got an email account for that stuff now.

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