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Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Cutler Its been an eventful week here in the Bluegrass and there was a lot to review. Thus the KSR Crew got together and discussed the topics of the week. Among the highlights: --- A Review of the move to #1 in the land --- the Obama call --- Greg Oden making us all feel inadequate --- Demarcus Cousins and South Carolina fans --- Drew tells the famous "Jay Cutler" story (pictured above) --- A review of the Vanderbilt game --- Insight into AJ Ogilvy's hair --- The fallout of the Facebook wall posts on the player's profiles and what they had to say after the game. Thats the regular goodness. But we also had Michael Porter with us, as he talked EXTENSIVELY about playing for Billy Clyde. Some highlights: --- The transition from Tubby to Clyde --- What type of person Clyde was to the players --- The moment the bottom dropped out last season --- When the players knew Clyde had been let go --- His relationship with the fans --- If he has regrets about not being on this team. I have to say that if you are a big UK fans, this is a MUST LISTEN. Porter goes into detail about what the Clyde era was like, as no one else that I have heard so far has done. From a player's perspective, you wont hear a better overview of what that two-year period really ended up being. And oh yeah, he tells us what Mark Coury is like off the court...you know you want to know that as well. So listen at the link below and if you havent yet, please subscribe to the KSR Podcast on iTunes. A good night of listening pleasure awaits: [podcast]/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Porter-show-13.mp3[/podcast]

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