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Season Two of the KSR podcasts have been, how do you say… unreliable at this point.  With Matt being busy with the new media endeavors, and now with him becoming a member of the CBS family, the podcasts have had to take a back seat for a little while.  But no more!  The Podcasts are coming back – with a vengeance. As a part of my new responsibilities I have been named Podcast Producer (a title I completely made up,) and I’m looking for some help from you all in this coming season.

Here is what I am looking for:

-Interesting locations to host our podcasts. While it’s always exciting spending time in Hubby’s basement (especially with a nervous looking Michael Porter,) the best podcast moments tend to come outside of the KSR compound.  From the Ramon Harris drinking game at The Dragon, to Matt almost choking someone for nearly knocking over his wings at hooters, to the multitude of fan interactions at the Hyatt, we thrive in unfamiliar places.  Do you want us to host a podcast in your fraternity basement?  At your restaurant?  At the reception for your best friends wedding?  The more ridiculous the better.  Just drop me a line and we will start working out the details.  And really, we’ll do a podcast pretty much anywhere with an outlet.

-Interesting people to guest star. One of the great things about Kentucky basketball is that it transcends generations.  When I went to the NIT game in memorial a few years ago, I became the third generation of Lentz to watch the Wildcats play in that arena.  There are people out there that have followed Kentucky to every road game in a season.  There are those that were on campus for the unforgettables and those that were around for the near three-peat.  Heck, there are even former water boys/team managers that probably have interesting stories.  I want to hear from you, and if you’re interesting enough, I want the BBN to hear from you too.  (Also acceptable:  Former players, coaches, media members, playboy models and Canadian Border Patrol.)

I’m really excited to be taking on these responsibilities and I think with your participation we can make Season 2 a great one.  Most things will stay the same, Matt will still be hosting, Turkey Hunter and Drew will still bring the funny, Andy Katz will still stand us up and I will still speak too far away from the mic.  But with all that, I hope to introduce some new features you will enjoy as well, so stay tuned.

Hang tight everyone, it’s going to be a fun ride.

E-mail me with suggestions at [email protected]

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