KSR Radio in its younger years

by:Matt Jones04/11/06
Now I know many of you may not believe it, but most of us associated with KSR Radio (the Intern excluded) are actually a bit older than college and have seen our best days pass us by. But you likely wondered to yourself, "what were the KSR Radio gang like in their college years?" Well unfortunately, that time has passed, but we have something that may have been some help. At Transylvania, they have something called "Campus Sing," a ridiculous event where people dress up and do dance routines. But one group is more goofy than others, and that is the men of Delta Sigma Phi. The "Sigs" (or Dorks in french) were the home of myself, the Turkey Hunter, the Hubby, Mosley and other KSR contributors. Well in this video you can see what college was like for many of us. These guys dance in ridiculous costumes, play odd sketch routines and sing "How Do you Talk to an Angel" by the Heights. Yes you read that right, the Heights. So the next time you were wondering....why do these KSR Radio guys act the way they do, remember this video. It explains why many of us are still single.....and available ladies!!!!

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