by:Matt Jones08/15/06
Well it is finally done. Kentucky Sports Radio, Episode 1 is now ready for your listening pleasure (the link is below). It is a jam-packed show, headlined by the man, 2007 Kentucky point guard recruit Jai Lucas, who tells Kentucky fans about his thought process on picking schools, his friendship with Patrick Patterson and his affinity for Ricky Bobby. We also have CBS Sportsline columnist Gregg Doyel who goes no-holds barred as always. He and Matt Jones debate the merits of Tubby Smith's recruiting (guess which side Gregg is on), Doyel lets fly on his "worst coaches in college basketball" including one in the SEC, and he gives a startling comment about a certain Florida coach that will truly shock you. Rob Gidel returns to his former home to talk recruiting, giving his opinion on the 07 football recruits looking Kentucky's way, the movement for UK in the quest for JJ Hickson and what could be the future for the beloved Akron Zips. Mike Rutherford of The Card Report gives his insight into the UK-UL game, focusing on the two UL Heisman candidates, the national championship potential and his knowledge of UL history. Finally, there is the weekly news, a discussion about the whereabouts of Browning Nagle and opinions on how Lute Olsen looks in a suit. All on this show. For a lot of you, it may be your first listen to the show ever, so we hope you enjoy. Plus because of the new show, the front page of the website has finally changed. Now no more talk of "SEC predictions" or pictures of Patrick Sparks. You are welcome. ;) KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO EPISODE 1

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