KSR Radio's Fantasy Football Fix

Every week you see a termed "Fantasy Football Guru" giving you tips of who they believe you shouls and should not to start This is differnt, every week I will give you my Top 5 players of the week: 1 from each offensive position and a wild card dark horse. QB: Kurt Warner (ARZ) - Forget the Manning Bowl Sunday night, this 2-Time SB MVP will be the one bringing you the numbers this week. He has 2 of the hottest receivers in the game in Boldin and Fitzgerald with a polished veteran RB in Edgerrin James who can help with pass protection(Just ask Peyton Manning). Oh, and combine that with playing San Francisco and that spells fantasy S-T-A-R-T-E-R! RB: LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) - I know, I know, big surprise right? You may forget Drew Brees is gone now and while Phillip Rivers is trying to learn the offense, LT will be relyed on more than ever. When you play the Raiders, you k now you're going to score some points too. Expect him to reach paydirt at least twice. WR: Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ) - See Kurt Warner. Fitz is a terror in the red zone and SF, well they just suck. !00+ yds and a TD TE: LJ Smith (PHI) - No matter what you may think Donovan McNabb is still a great QB. He went through a lot last season and should have no distractions this year. Everyone has forgotten about LJ Smith and since he will be defended by Houston, I see no reason why he doesn't cah in for a TD. Dark Horse: Thomas Jones(CHI) - Jones had a great year last season, but according to experts he had Cedric Benson breathing down his neck for the starting spot. That may have been true, but right now Benson is hurt and Jones is the starter. Chicago loves to run the ball and they are playing one of the worst defensive teams in the Green Bay Packers. Look folks, if you haven't figured it out yet it's all about matchups. Sure guys like Peyton Manning, LT, Shaun Alexander, etc are sure fire starters, but even they have bad games(fantasy wise). Gotta go and watch the Steelers/ Dolphins as its just started and 3 minutes in the season. Early prediction Dolphins 21 Steelers 16

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