KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Savannah Pattonabout 3 years


McDowell The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell's has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.
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#10 kelly jo smith

The bar is better anyways.

#9 John Riley

What a great scene!

#8 Rhonda Jasper Marks

Ryan out-Ryaned himself today.

#7 Cole Nichter

Yes, yes it is.

#6 Jennie Crawford

Ya think?!

#5 Steven Marks

Thanks for coming out!

#4 connor

Hah! Sorry not sorry.

#3 Carrie Cox

I'm surprised she didn't show up.

#2 Chad

You people are crazy!

#1 Courtney Mondun

Omg...just now listening to KSR today... Chester's call had me crying real tears. Chester and Ryan's pregame speech back to back...I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Love the passion of #bbn ??? @ryanlemond

— Courtney Mondun (@cm424004) September 28, 2018 It was a classic show!

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