KSR/Leach Report Keeneland Handicapping Challenge

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Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio and Tom Leach of The Leach Report are going head-to-head in a handicapping contest on KeenelandSelect.com. Each Friday during the fall meet, Matt and Tom will pick two horses from any race to see who knows the most -- or who is the luckiest -- when it comes to betting at the track. Keeneland will donate $500 to the contest winner's charity when it's all over with. Here are today's picks: -------------------- Tom Leach/The Leach Report 6th Race: #8 Kitnesss 8th Race: #6 Queen's Award -------------------- Matt Jones/Kentucky Sports Radio 1st Race: #5 Darlin' Diane 8th Race: #5 Tweedy -------------------- If you haven't tried out Keeneland Select, give it a shot because it's definitely worth your time and you can do it from your phone at the track if you don't want to leave that beer line.

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