KSR's 2016 Guide To Eating & Drinking in Nashville

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KSRNashville I've lived in Nashville for almost ten years and a few years ago, I started making flowcharts to help Kentucky fans figure out which bars and restaurants to try while in Music City. Since Nashville is the SEC Tournament's semi-permanent home, I update them annually, even if it's becoming harder and harder to keep up with new places as the city booms. Click on each restaurant/bar name to go to their website. **As a general disclaimer, yes, I realize there are tons of restaurants in Nashville, especially new ones, but these are my favorites. If yours isn't on the list, don't be offended. Just add it in the comments section.**

Where to Eat

PDF version If you asked me for the five restaurants you have to try while you're here, I'd say Five Points Pizza, The Southern, Lockeland Table, Two Ten Jack, and Prince's. But really, you can't go wrong with any of the places listed above. (Seriously, go to Five Points and get the garlic knots.)

Where to Drink

PDF version

Where will KSR be?

KSR's home for the week will be TIN ROOF BROADWAY (316 Broadway). Postgame shows will be at the arena, not at Tin Roof this year, and no, they're not open to the public. Sorry. Here's the schedule of shows (all times CT):

Thursday 9:00 a.m.: Morning show from Tin Roof Broadway

Friday 9:00 a.m.: Morning show from Tin Roof Broadway 3:30 p.m.: The KSR pregame show live from Tin Roof Broadway Approximately an hour after the game: Postgame show live from the arena

Saturday (if applicable) Approximately 12:30 p.m.: KSR pregame show live from the arena Approximately an hour after the game: Postgame show live from the arena

Sunday (if applicable) 9:30 a.m.: KSR pregame show live from Tin Roof Broadway Approximately an hour after the game: Postgame show live from the arena


Current forecast suggests it will rain at some point during the weekend, so bring a raincoat.


– Nashville still allows smoking in bars (21+), but fortunately, most bars on Broadway and 2nd Avenue have opted to go smoke-free. There are still a few smoke pits if you want to light up inside, but major honky tonks like Tootsie's, Layla's, Robert's, and The Stage are now smoke-free. Hooray for happy lungs! – Lower Broadway will be packed, so to avoid some of the lengthy lines to get in to the Honky Tonks, go to the alley behind them (next to the Ryman). Most of the bars have back doors and it’s much easier to get in and maybe even snag a table. Or, do yourself a real favor and go to Printer's Alley instead. – Traffic has gotten really, really horrible in Nashville over the past year. If you're downtown, it's best to walk, but if you're staying outside the downtown area or just feel like venturing out (which you definitely should), I recommend using Uber or Lyft. Both are cheaper and more pleasant than cabs, and well worth not worrying about or paying for parking. Is it your first time using Lyft? Help a sister out and use the code "TYLER380" for a FREE ride up to $20. Same thing for Uber, promo code nrdp8. – If you want to get around downtown quickly without walking or taking a cab, try JOY RIDE, the free golf cart shuttle service. The drivers are also great tour guides, and only work on tips. If it's raining, I expect they'll be pretty popular. To order a shuttle, call 615-285-9835 or look for the red golf carts scuttling around. – The Nashville MTA Green Line bus also transports people around downtown Nashville and the Gulch for free, so keep an eye out for it. (It's green.) You can also rent bikes via the B-Cycle stations around town. – UK fan and KSR friend JD Shelburne will be performing throughout the weekend at various places downtown. Here's his show schedule, with the highlight being Saturday night's show at Tequila Cowboy:
  • THURSDAY: Puckett's (500 Church Street), 7:30 - 9 p.m. *Get reservations
  • FRIDAY: The Country (110 28th Avenue North), 9 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • SATURDAY: Tequila Cowboy (305 Broadway), 6 - 10 p.m. **KENTUCKY BASH!**
  • SUNDAY: Tequila Cowboy (305 Broadway), 2 - 6 p.m. "Join us after the SEC Championship"
– Hydrate and pace yourself. It's a marathon, not a sprint! If you need a caffeine and personal space fix, sneak over to the Bongo Java inside the Omni Hotel (250 5th Avenue South). – Finally, if you're going to the games, be aware of Bridgestone Arena's bag policy:


See y'all soon.

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