KSR's 2017 Football Season Predictions

KSR's 2017 Football Season Predictions

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 4 years


Football season is upon us, and the KSR crew just turned in their predictions for Kentucky’s season. Across the board, our picks were very optimistic. All eight of us believe Kentucky will go bowling, six of us going as far to predict an 8-4 regular season record. Ryan Lemond and Shannon the Dude were the most pragmatic of the bunch, picking the Cats to go 7-5 with losses to Florida and Louisville, and in Ryan’s case, Tennessee. No one picked Kentucky to beat Mississippi State and Georgia on the road.

Only one member of our panel picked Kentucky to beat Louisville, and it probably won’t surprise you that he owns a sweatshirt that has Lamar Jackson with a Crying Jordan face on it. I waffled on whether or not this will be the year Kentucky snaps Florida’s 30-year winning streak, but ultimately, went with my heart and picked the Cats. At some point that streak has to end, right?

Check out our full picks below. Freddie, always hesitant to put Ws and Ls on the record in the preseason, abstained.

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