KSR's Crush Now Has a Crush

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kenny_jenn_lg Last year you might remember that KSR did a podcast from the Rupp Arena floor for College Gameday. It was a great even that saw Jay Bilas, Lee Todd and "Stump the Schwaub" all come and talk to the crew, while Woo provided all the great commentary that he has come to give. But we also were joined by the woman we all immediately fell in love with, the beautiful Jenn Brown. At the time, Jenn was shooting something for ESPNU and I had never seen her on an actual television set. But after speaking with her, it was clear that she was the future Erin Andrews and headed for stardom. Fast forward to this season and the former Florida softballer is the new sideline reporter for ESPN college football on Thursday and Saturday and is quickly rising up the charts of popularity. Her latest foray into stardom....she is apparently dating Kenny Chesney. As Renee Zelwegger and Peyton Manning learned in the past, dating the one-time country, now beachy Kenny Chesney is a sure-fire way to become more popular and eventually get your heart broken. Last February, we thought that Jenn and KSR could be a relationship that would be hotter than Dick Gabriel and his former goatee. She flirted with us, smiled at all the right times and generally made us all feel special and like we were a star in the ESPN reporter's eye. But alas, Kenny has come in and stolen our thunder and won over her with "international stardom" and "million dollar houses". Oh well, at least Turkey Hunter will still always have his romantic rendevous with Shelly Smith to fall back on.

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