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KSR's Fringe Sports Friday!

Will Lentzalmost 11 years


Article written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

-Congratulations to UK Hoops for a successful week!  While they aren’t entirely a fringe sport at UK, they also don’t get enough coverage for how great they have been under Matthew Mitchell.  After the great news of a transfer from UConn’s WNBA Minor League, the Lady Cats beat up on Vandy at home and traveled to Ole Miss last night where they overcame a double digit deficit to win by six. As you now know, any road win in the SEC is tough, so that’s a great accomplishment.

-On top of that, UK Hoops freshman Jennifer O’Neill locked up the SEC Freshman of the Week award. O’Neill came up big against Florida last week, scoring 5 straight points in the 10 point comeback over the last five and a half minutes.  It’s the second week in a row where UK Hoops has had the SEC FotW, and with O’Neill bringing in 10 against Ole Miss, the frosh might make it three in a row.

-The UK Rifle team continued to be on a tear as they won their matches against Ole Miss and Memphis this past weekend, concluding a four matches in four days trip.  I wish I could tell you more, but I really don’t know much about Rifle other than all the pictures on their website look bad ass.  And apparently our team is really good.  Somebody from the team contact me and we’ll try and get you more publicity.  Their next match on Feb 5th against the West Virginia Mountaineers.

-In my career as a UK student I distrinctly remember two Hockey games.  I went to more, but I only really remember two.  My first – against Wright State, and the one when we hosted Tennessee.  I remember the first because your first UK hockey game is not one you’re likely to forget – plus we killed them.  This year was no different as the hockey team took it to the Wright State whatevers and won both games this past weekend. The Tennessee one I remember because someone brought in a sign that read “UT = Thunder ****” and it was about the funniest sign the 19 year old me had ever seen.  So now that I see the Tennessee games have been scratched from the schedule let us all shed a single tear for the Thunder ****’s.  Kentucky plays Ohio State this weekend – go and try to be as annoying as Ohio State fans typically are.

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