KSR's Guide to College Basketball Recruiting Styles

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 9 years


Cal and crew with Julius Randle After getting an insider’s look at the recruitment of Julius Randle from USA Today’s Jason Jordan, I decided to compare and contrast the recruiting styles of the top coaches in the game today. I broke each coach's recruiting style down by "Swag level," notable quotes, and trademark moves. JOHN CALIPARI Swag level: 10/10 Quotes on Cal: “Cal is just, well, Cal. He’s just got swag. I mean he had a driver.” “Coach Cal carries himself like what he’s done sells itself.” "Cal >>>>>>" Trademark moves: - Lots of hand movements to show off new championship ring - Shows pictures of himself and UK celebrity fans (Drake, Jay-Z, LeBron, etc.) to family on iPad - Has a driver (with a hat) - Laid-back vibe, lets success speak for itself - Pays attention to details (e.g., having red velvet cake, Julius Randle’s mother’s favorite, at a dinner during his visit) ROY WILLIAMS Swag level: 5/10 Quotes on Roy: “Coach Williams is this laid-back guy who’s like your dad and you just feel so comfortable talking to him” Trademark moves: - Notorious “one upper" who piggy backs off what other coaches have done (see “Box of 30 rings”) - Brings his own Coca Cola - Likes to talk about fishing and old time rock and roll - Said academics wouldn't be an issue - Mentions the “J word” (Jordan, UNC’s most famous alum) often - Penchant for argyle (again, like your dad) BILL SELF Swag level: 6/10 Quotes on Bill: "He was just really direct. I respected that.” Trademark moves: - Honest and upfront “straight talker” - Makes it clear he won’t be your friend–he’ll be your coach - Touches his hair a lot - Offers to take people for a ride on his Harley - Seems to have a "wild side" TOM CREAN Swag level: 3/10 Quotes on Crean: “He calls me a lot. A whole lot.” Trademark moves: - Famous for his frequent and typo-laden texts - Very excitable (keep fragile objects out of reach) - Willing to promise you a scholarship even if he doesn't have one - Honestly, kind of creepy - Really likes peach cobbler MIKE KRZYZEWSKI Swag level: 8/10 Quotes on Coach K: “Coach K is just awesome. You can’t help but to buy in to everything he’s telling you.” Trademark moves: - Mentions his experience as the head coach of the Olympic team often - Doesn’t mind if you can’t spell his name - References relationships with LeBron and Kobe - Lets you touch his gold medal - Arrives in a white stretch limo (how retro!) RICK PITINO Swag level: 6/10 Quotes on Rick: "Coach Pitino was very smooth, talked about building Louisville into a Final Four program. He focused on how this was the year UofL would finally beat UK." "Coach P is cool, said I should be prepared for a lot of hard work. He also said something to my mother about double checking our insurance policy. I didn't really get that." Trademark moves: - In and out in 15 seconds

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