KSR's Pre-Post-Season Survey
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KSR's Pre-Post-Season Survey

Will Lentzover 10 years


Article written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Hey everybody.  With Kentucky’s post season starting tomorrow (technically, I would say) I think it’s time to reuse an activity I did for the football season.  I am going to offer up a survey, asking you your thoughts on what will happen the next month or so, and after it’s all said and done we will look back and see how right/wrong we all were.  Feel free to give justifications with your answers or not, and if you want to include your own predictions that I don’t get to in the comment section, feel free.

Please take out your number 2 pencils, fill in the bubbles completely, and if you need to use the bathroom please raise your hand.

You may begin.


SEC Tournament

1.) How far will Kentucky go in the SEC Tournament?

A – Lose on the Friday

B – Lose on Saturday

C – Lose on Sunday

D – Win it all


2.) What team, if any, will use the SEC tournament to secure an at-large bid?

A – Alabama

B – Tennessee

C – Georgia

D – None, but Mississippi State will run the table and get an auto-qualifier bid.

3.) Who will be the tourney MVP for Kentucky?

A – Jorts

B – Brandon Knight

C – Terrence Jones

D – Drew Franklin

NCAA Tournament

4.) What seed will Kentucky get?

A – 2

B – 3

C – 4

D – 5 or below

5.) Who would you most like to knock out of the tournament?

A – Duke

B – Louisville

C – West Virginia


E – Other (please specify)

Fill in the blanks

6.) Not knowing the bracket, if Kentucky is to lose in the NCAA, take a guess at who knocks them out (and what seed they are.)

7.) In order to have a final four run, who will have to be the man for Kentucky? (This is an open question, just write in who you think it will be.)

8.) How far will this team go?

9.) Who do you think takes home the title this year?


10.) 2 of the 3 freshmen will return next year if Kentucky doesn’t make it past the Sweet 16.

11.) If Enes Kanter was caught doing what Jim Tressel did, the NCAA would have him deported.

12.) Calipari will tweet at least 3 times about the Papa Johns Cal’s 3 Pointer promotion (and say that Rick Pitino’s free Italian Sausage promotion will come back to haunt you in 9 months if you don’t watch out #BashWednesday.)


So there you have it.  Let’s see what your answers are, I’ll tally them up and we’ll revisit this in about a month or so.

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