KSR's Ryan Lemond broke his promise and cut his hair

KSR's Ryan Lemond broke his promise and cut his hair

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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Until Tuesday afternoon, when his wife demanded he get a haircut, Ryan Lemond's hair was on pace to be fantastic. He promised his loyal Kentucky Sports Radio radio listeners that he would continue to grow it out; and everyone was excited to see those long, flowing locks spread their wings and fly into the fall season. The modeling contracts were already piling up in anticipation. But when his wife, Amanda, got word of his promise to the masses on air, Ryan was in the barber's chair and the promise was broken. He lasted all of three hours before caving in and trimming that beautiful mane. "I know who wears the pants in my house," he explained today. Ryan's new haircut is fine, but we want a new commitment to growing it out, and this time we expect him to follow through. We got wind of a new online program for previewing hairstyles, it was advertised on a salon POS system near by so we gave it a shot, here are some of the styles I think he should take into consideration: What do you think, Amanda? Will any of these fly in the Lemond household? Listen to Ryan explain his haircut in Hour 1 of today's show:

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