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#10 Mary Jo Perino

Ryan, we gotta talk about the hat.

#9 Donald Thornsbury

' I don't understand the gif, but I support the sentiment.

#8 Roy Combs

Honestly, he's got a point. Looking at you NCAA.

#7 Andy Sweeney

Power move, Jack. I respect it.

#6 Dalton Jones

I heard that's pretty good, right? Congrats on the dub, ladies!

#5 Caroline Rayburn

Coach Cal is a much better food-expert compared to Gordon Ramsey

#4 Austin Brown

It never gets old.

#3 Shelley Bishop

Wanna predict one this year too?

#2 KY Clips

A tradition like no other.

#1 Chad

This is absolutely perfect, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
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