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You can be a part of KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. If you are interested in sponsoring KSR’s Top 10 Tweets, please contact us at Via Email. #10 Josh Allen https://twitter.com/JoshAllen41_/status/1088933040791998468 #9 Holly Rowe https://twitter.com/sportsiren/status/1088955094593400833 #8 Craig Hampton https://twitter.com/Hampton1Craig/status/1088854925906460678 #7 Dan Schulman https://twitter.com/DShulman_ESPN/status/1088880229559365632 #6 Michael James https://twitter.com/this_is_bigred/status/1088951190052917248 #5 The Kentucky Logo https://twitter.com/TheKentuckyLogo/status/1088969509375901696 #4 Suzanne Smith https://twitter.com/KentuckySuzanne/status/1088972739648647169 #3 Kurt Vincent Roberts https://twitter.com/KurtVincentRobe/status/1088892521504296965 #2 George Cannon https://twitter.com/GeorgeJCannon76/status/1088812136321691651 #1 Rodney Lipps https://twitter.com/rodneylipps/status/1088829080215216131

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