Skal Labissiere living up to challenge from his coaches

Skal Labissiere living up to challenge from his coaches

Kelsey Mattinglyover 4 years


Article written by:Kelsey MattinglyKelsey Mattingly
[caption id="attachment_224739" align="aligncenter" width="227"] via Getty Images[/caption] Former Kentucky Wildcat Skal Labissiere is no stranger to playing with some pressure on his shoulders. This weekend, he showed his abilities to do just that in a summer league game with the Sacramento Kings. The Kings' summer league coach, Jason March, spoke to The Sacramento Bee about his expectations for Skal against the Milwaukee Bucks. “There’s not a lot of players you can tell ‘Go get 40,’ but he is so unselfish I told him before the game, ‘Go get 40, go get 40 tonight’ because you know he’s still going to play the right way.” Without the likes of former Wildcat De'Aaron Fox and other Kings members, Labissiere had a prime opportunity to perform. In his best game of the summer league, Skal posted 19 points and nine rebounds in the Kings' 69-56 win against the Bucks. “It doesn’t matter who we run the first couple of plays for,” he told The Bee. “I’m going to play hard no matter what and do what I’ve got to do. Whether they run plays for me or not, it’s still basketball. You’ve got to go out there and make it happen Utilizing this time to push his physical and mental abilities to the limit, Labissiere is focusing on improving his own game. This shines in his willingness to walk the walk rather than talk. “I’m comfortable,” Labissiere said. “I try not to talk too much. I’m a guy who leads by example, and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.” Keep up with KSR this summer for updates on former Wildcats.

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