Lane Kiffin, coward

Thomas Beisneralmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Lane Kiffin has shown all the backbone of a spoiled 130-pound weakling since being named Tennessee's football coach.  He likes to pop off at the mouth and then make half-assed apologies or excuses afterwards.  He likes to blame mismanagement of the clock on bad calls three quarters before.  He's basically an underqualified putz parading around in an orange polo.  Today, we received another confirmation of his cowardice when he sent out this tweet:
On the way to beat Kentucky.
Interestingly enough, minutes later that message was gone and this one had replaced it:
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, on our way to Kentucky.
This either means that Lane Kiffin is a type of willow or that he wants to just cause as little of a scene as possible when he becomes the first UT coach to lose to Kentucky since 1984.  Either way, I couldn't want to beat that felony unit (thats what she said) any more than I do right now. Go Cats. Update by Fake Gimel: Kiffykin's original tweet included a link to ÃœberTwitter. And ÃœberTwitter shows his original tweet: kiffykins on the way to beat kentucky

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