Last Call For Podcasting!

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Closer to the mic, cartoon radio guy!

Just as a reminder, this year we want to try a lot of new things with the podcasts.  This means new venues, new ideas, new guests and new microphones we don’t have to talk so close to.  But we’re still looking for all of those – particularly venues – so let me know your thoughts on them. Do you know a restaurant owner that wants to meet Drew Franklin?  Maybe there’s a charity event you think could use some publicity.  Or maybe your mom makes a mean 7 layer dip and you want to have us over to your place.  No idea is too ridiculous, so let me know.

If you want to:

-Hear the Turkey Hunter’s out takes that never make the air,

-Ask Matt where he gets his hair cut,

-Receive free publicity through the website,

-Get UKAndrew to come hang out with you,

-Or just to ask me how my New Years was,

Email me at [email protected] (or [email protected]) and we can work towards making your dreams come true.

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