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 You know, I have to admit that this is really my favorite time of the year. This holiday season, complete with it's outdoor illumination, gift-giving, Harry Connick Jr. cds and religious importance (no matter what your affiliation or lack thereof) seems to put everyone in a great mood. The only problem for me, though, is that it doesn't really seem like Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) when you live in Florida because the weather is pretty much the same everyday. So, it seems like the holidays sneak right up on me and I'm always freaking out trying to find a last minute gift. But, if you're living down south or just very lazy, don't panic. Kentucky Sports Radio is here to step up to the plate and help you find the perfect last minute gifts for the UK sports fan in your family. Here are a few thoughts: Official University of Kentucky bop bags The University of Kentucky is proud to announce their second offering in what has become a very profitable partnership with Bop Bags Inc.  The initial offering of the Michael Porter bop bag saw record sales in November, but after multiple complaints that "that sumbitch keeps popping back up", UK and Bop Bags is happy to bring to you the official set that now includes a DeAndre Liggins and Billy Gillispie bag to go with the Porter version.  Now, no matter what happens, you'll have someone to bop around a bit. The Jodie Meeks oven mitt collection Are you the one with the hot hand in your family?  Is your wife tired of getting burned?  Then, it sounds like it's time for an oven mitt from the Jodie Meeks collection.  These hand-stitched gloves are not only high-quality and functional, they're guaranteed to give you a swagger in the kitchen or in the club.  And, no, Matt Jones, it will not help you with that type of burning sensation. Derrick Caracter I know he didn't play at Kentucky and he's not really a "gift", but the guy won't stop emailing me.  If you need your lawn mowed or laundry done or something, please let him know.  I've told him a hundred times that if anyone is going to half-ass the chores around my house, it's going to be me, but he won't stop.  Give the gift of Derrick Caracter.  Please. The Mark Krebs Mean Mug In honor of the most intimidating media guide picture in the SEC, Corningware is happy to bring to you the only officially licensed Mark Krebs Mean Mug.  Don't fall for any of the imitations out there, the official Mean Mug is the only one that you can get in two unique colors: "I know you didn't use that tone of voice with me" white and Kentucky blue.  The Mean Mug holds 12 ounces of fluid and patented state-of-the-art technology allows the mug to recognize when you're taking a sip and shout out through a speaker in the bottom "YOU'RE A GIRL!", which will surely establish your dominance in the office.    This Modern Love DVD Well, this doesn't really have a whole lot to do with UK Athletics, but it was written and directed by my buddy and you'd be doing yourself a great injustice if you didn't pick up the DVD.  It was filmed in Lexington and offers you the one thing you need most this holiday season:  you can tell your significant other that you went to Jared.  Because, well, that's my friend's name.   YouTube Sports Junior Reporter Kit Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an internet pioneer?  Well, wonder no more, kids, as the mastermind behind YouTube Sports is finally giving you the opportunity to be a part of the action.  Kige Ramsey has partnered with TalkBoy to release a new, improved....well, actually it's just the TalkBoy's that are left over from the Home Alone mania of the 90s.  But, nonetheless, Kige has given his full support to this product and it is a must have for anyone thinking of entering the internet sports broadcasting field. Well, I hope that helps, sweet readers.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday(s).  My contributions will be spotty to non-existent over the next few days (that's my gift to you) as I head to Atlanta for a little quality time with the fam.  Let me know where the Florida Atlantic game watching party is if you'll be around and, to everyone else, happy holidays. Breisner out.

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