Last night's leftovers

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Photo by @UKphotogs There was a ton of great stuff from last night's game, and you better believe we're going to go over it all. Here are some leftovers that deserve their time to shine: -- Since the Tennessee game on Saturday, Willie Cauley-Stein has been very active on Twitter, calling out the team's "fake fans," praising the ones that stick with the team through the thick and thin, and retweeting the most offensive tweets he received. Not surprisingly, many of those tweets came from other teams' fans, specifically Indiana. "We don't even play Indiana." Odds HOO HOO was one of them? -- You think the new intro video got you hyped up? Imagine being one of the players. Willie said that while they were filming the video, he thought it was "silly," but once he saw the finished product during the starting lineups, that he got so excited and hyped up that he "teared up" a little bit. Me too, Willie. -- Archie three: "It was a great video. I actually, in my opinion, like it better than the last one. It was just a video of motivation and we all liked it and it was pretty good.” -- Remember those comments Cal made after the Tennessee game about his players not being real coachable? Forget them. After backing off them in the following days, Cal opened his postgame presser with the comment "They were very coachable tonight. Anybody hear any comments from the bench that we could put on PTI?" -- Archie Goodwin said he knew Cal was caught up in the moment when he made those remarks after the Tennessee loss: "I know I'm coachable." -- Speaking of Archie, did he borrow Willie's hipster glasses after the game? -- Dodgeball had such a positive effect on the guys that they already have a game of wiffle ball planned for Friday night. What's next, four square? -- We have to finish with this Hutcherson from Alex Poythress:

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