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This is what a low-down, dirty snitch looks like.  - So, earlier today, Lane Kiffin proved himself to be a turd yet again with his tweet and delete message of "we're on our way to beat Kentucky".  For Kiffin, it was likely just a brainless remark issued to a graduate assistant (have they gone through about 5 or 6 of those now because of Twitter violations?) or something along those lines, but that, along with an intensified trash talking from Tennessee columnists and fan sites, seems to signal something.  Tennessee might have thought Kentucky was capable of beating the Vols in the past couple years, but this is the first year where you get the feeling that they might actually fear the Cats.  Sure, I'm a homer, but I haven't seen this much attention thrown the Cats' way from Knoxville maybe in my lifetime.  They might not consider this a real rivalry yet, but I can promise you they're considering this a game.  And it's a game that I bet they're not really fired up about having to play.  - One reason that Tennesssee might have that feeling is the group of players that UK will say farewell to on Saturday night.  It's a group of players that have seen the post-season more in their tenures than their orange-clad friends.  Some of them, like Micah Johnson and Corey Peters (2006), came to UK with a lot of hype and their signings energized a fan base, while some of the guys, like Trevard Lindley (04) and Zipp Duncan and Jorge Gonzalez (05), arrived on campus as just a name and a couple stars.  But, as they enter their final home game Saturday night, they will do so as one of the most successful senior classes in the history of the program.  In the past four years, Kentucky has broken streaks, accomplished a number of "firsts" and has started to show the promise of a sustained success for the football program.  A win against Tennessee just cements that further.  I hope you're ready to get your cheer on.  These guys deserve it.  - I think we missed this the other day (or at least I didn't see it), but Tennessee's Eric Berry has promised a "surprise" for Vol fans against the Cats.  He didn't elaborate, but the consensus around the compound is that the "surprise" is likely the end of The Streak.  Although, I don't think it would be all that surprising.  - Kentucky has a better overall record than Tennessee.  They have the same conference record.  They're at home on Senior Night.  And, yet, they remain 3 point underdogs (according to Bodog) to the dirty Vols.  That's what a 24-year streak will do to you.  - Somewhat lost in all of the football hype was the news that UK will host an open practice Sunday night in Louisville.  The practice will serve as a warmup for Monday's UNC-Asheville contest at Cheatem Hall - a game with numerous tickets still available.  Some fans have complained about the price of the tickets and the opponent but, with Cal talking of possibly developing a three-game series in Louisville, one would think it would be important for the Louisville Cats fans to make a strong showing not only at the practice and the pep rally, but at the actual game too.  - They'll play the Cats in two weeks, but UConn got a rude welcome to Madison Square Garden Friday night courtesy of Duke.  The Huskies didn't do a lot of great things on the offensive side of the ball, though, the biggest thing fof Cats fans to take away were the struggles of UConn's guards, Kemba Walker and Jerome Dyson.  They combined for 24 and 8 assists, but had nine turnovers and shot 10-32.  When they play UK, the focus will be on their matchup with Eric Bledsoe and John Wall and, given their struggles with Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer, you have to be optimistic.  - If you've watched Florida play at all this year, you're amazed to find out that the Gators beat #2 Michigan State Friday night in Atlantic City.  Then again, Michigan State is terribly overrated and Florida starts off every year hot.  So, maybe not so surprising.  - So, here's a million dollar question.  Has anyone seen The Blind Side?  This is the "Who voted for George Bush?" of movies.  I do not know a single person that has seen it yet and it seems like everyone in the world has. It's been sold out all three times I've tried to go see it.  Unbelievable. At this point, it would have to be the greatest film of all-time for it to live up to this build-up.  - Just when you thought all of the iTunes goodness was gone from this site, the UK Basketball iPhone application created by Bobby Perry and some others was just released and it cracked the top 20 on iTunes.  Make sure you download it too.  If you're a real fan, that is. That's pretty much it.  If you didn't do it earlier, check out Drew Franklin's "They are who we thought they were" posts.  They were awesome and they summed it up as eloquently as we all wish we could.  The question now you believe?

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