Late Night Leftovers from UK Hoops' Big Win

Savannah Pattonover 3 years


[caption id="attachment_237050" align="alignnone" width="476"] Photo via @KentuckyWBB[/caption] It was a big night for our lady cats! They beat Arkansas 78-57 and played an amazing game. Before you go to bed, here's a couple of late night leftovers.

Our older players delivered

Maci Morris, who was honored before the game for her 1,000 point had a near perfect game tonight. Morris scored the Cats' first nine points of the game. She finished with 20 points, and went 7-11 from the field. Morris has had a tough couple of months trying to play through this bone bruise and it seems like tonight she finally came back. "Once I hit a couple shots, I was feelin' it a little bit," said Morris. But the real star of the show tonight was Alyssa Rice. Rice scored a whopping 13 points and had nine rebounds - so close to getting that double-double! Last week, I mentioned how Rice could come forward as the Senior leader of this team. If young players like McKinney and Harrison learn from her game tonight, our bigs could be great next year.

Our third quarter collapse is gone..?

Maybe. Hopefully. At least we broke through it for this game. There was a point in the third quarter where we were tied at 45. I for one, got real worried that this UK Hoops team would lose the game right then and there. We went four and a half minutes without scoring, while Arkansas went on a 9-0 run. But then we came back. We came back. And won. By almost 20 points. Let's hope this continues. "It was good of our team to really dig deep and adjust to a very hot team that can get you discouraged," said Matthew Mitchell. And adjust we did. We outshot Arkansas by 18% and most impressively,  out-scored them in the paint 38-12. UK Hoops out-rebounded the Razorbacks 44-31 too. Rebounding made all the difference in this game. Morris (5), Murray (5), and Rice (9) fought and attacked for their rebounds. With those numbers, how could we not win?

Freshman! Freshman! Freshman!

"Do somethin' crazy" Y'all. We had three freshmen in double figures tonight. Tatyana Wyatt and KeKe McKinney both finished with 11 points, and Dorie Harrison finished with 10. Yeah, these young girls can play! "It was huge to have three freshmen in double figures," said Mitchell. Mitchell emphasized the importance of these freshman, specifically Wyatt's scoring giving the Cats a lift when they were down in the third. Like I said before, give these girls another year and they'll be phenomenal. UK Hoops travels to South Carolina on Sunday and will be back at home NEXT Sunday to end the season. Go Cats!    

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