Late Night Notes: The Season Begins Tomorrow

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Aritcle written by:Christopher JohnsChristopher Johns
lebron2 A few quick notes on the eve the biggest basketball game of the calendar year: - Bob Ryan, of all people, sings Kentucky's praises, predicts a national championship while Calipari is a part of Big Blue Nation, and compares the Wildcat HC position to that of. . . Notre Dame football. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that UK basketball is far more influential and pervasive than Notre Dame football, but what do you expect? It's Bob Ryan. - The UK Women's Volleyball team, lead by Lauren Rapp, demolished the Spartans of Michigan State tonight. Rapp and Sarah Mendoza combined for 27 of UK's 46 kills on the night. That is nothing, though. I once racked up 50 straight kills in Duck Hunt, so chew on that one. - Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins has been getting some strong run in the lead up to tomorrow's game. First, Jay Bilas labels him as the X factor of the match-up, then Gary Parrish quotes our favorite starting center's thoughts about the boys in powder blue. "I've seen them," Cousins said. "I'm not impressed." I like that kind of bravado. - Matt Jones has it on good authority that one Lebron James will be in attendance for the epic UNC-UK showdown tomorrow in Rupp Arena. Of course, if you were following KYSportsRadio on Twitter, you would already know this information. I hope Patterson doubles up on some talc at the scorers table and throws a cloud of it all over Tom Leach and the front row. If you can get some sleep, have at it. Tomorrow is going to be epic.

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