Late Night Recruiting Mumbo Jumbo

Late Night Recruiting Mumbo Jumbo

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ukteam.jpeg It is late and I am knee deep in Family Law (learning how to keep the Turkey Hunter's money from his future ex-wives) so lets make this pretty quick.... (1) If you havent read the interview below with Willie Warren, you most certainly should. Willie is a character and I have to admit that I like him a great deal. Every time you talk to him, he tells you something different and slightly odd. Three weeks ago he committed to Baylor and now they dont make the Top 8. That is my kind of kid! Plus while he is confident (to say the least), he also has a sense of humor and uses the third person sometimes. "You never know what Willie might do." Thats true, you dont. Right now Willie has UK 6th out of 8.....I wouldnt worry too much about that as it will likely change tomorrow. I expect Willie to love his visit to UK and the Cats to be one of his final choices. I do however believe that he is likely headed to a school where he believes he can be an immediate star....and I am not sure UK is that school. But with Willie, who knows? (2) I saw the Evansville paper note that Greg Monroe will be visiting UK in August. While I would never say a paper is wrong (unless its Tipton), I gotta say that is surprising news to me. I have seen no other mention of such a visit on another site. But if true, that is big. Greg is a star and getting him on campus is the first step to landing him. But I still will be shocked if Duke or LSU is not his landing place. (3) Ed Davis committed today to UNC. Why do you care? Well first he is really good. But second, that makes an already crowded front court even more crowded and likely takes UNC out of the Chris Singleton sweepstakes and helps UK in the Tyler Zeller fight. I see Purdue and UNC as the biggest competition for Zeller, so the Davis commitment is good news. But Ol Roy has a way of getting multiple players to come at the same position, so you never know. (4) I am hearing some talk that the UNC series may end at the end of this contract. If so, dont be surprised to see it replaced with the reincarnation of the Kansas bouts. (5) I cant believe I am saying this, but I am pumped about football. This season, whatever the result, will be exciting and I just have a feeling that UK may pull out two of its biggest regular season wins in 30 years (Louisville and Tennessee). It is going to be something.....and add to it what we have coming in terms of football coverage....and well, I get giddy. But if I get too giddy, I might go outside and go to a golf course and hit a ball that will strike a tree and fall into private property alongside the course. But thankfully under the common law, I wont have intent to trespass and I wont be liable for a non-negligent, accidental trespass. So I got that going for me.....which is nice.

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