Learning More About the Moron Brothers

Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
moron brothers Today on radio, you may have heard us discuss the phenomenon of the Moron Brothers. The Moron Brothers are a Bluegrass duo out of Kentucky that wear overalls and do some pickin' and a grinnin', while singing comical songs. They have a number of hit records, including the famous lyric "If my nose was running money honey, I'd blow it all on you." I knew nothing of the Moron Brothers, named Lardo and Burley, but was instantly fascinated by them. We played some of their music and after a little research, it was obvious that these are alter egos of two Kentucky citizens. But how much of their life is real and how much is an act? This video from "Kentucky Afield" (the Department of Fish and Wildlife show that got us on this topic to begin with) shows a little about their life, including their shanty home that they take down the Kentucky river. The video is amazing (and has over 1 million views), as are the Moron Brothers in general. I have to learn more, and if you know them (or their contact info) email me, or put in the comment section. Either way, I am sure they are Kentucky fans and for me, they may have entered the Top Ten of UK fans on my list:

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